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Koh Phangan Koh Samui

Click for Ko Samui, Thailand Forecast For many people, Koh Pha-ngan is the island of the huge and crazy parties and of the funny crowd that goes well with ... It's also called "Never-neverland" (Homeland of Peter Pan...) and that depicts quite efficiently the nice and easy-going atmosphere that hangs over these parties !
Here, everybody just want to have fun and to share it with all, you can virtually feel it and it leaves everlasting souvenirs in everybody's mind.

As the Full Moon Party, also known as FMP, tends to become more and more a kind of tourist attraction, other parties then, seems to gain in quality and notoriety, with, we have to admit, the half moon party in pole position, followed by the jungle experience... And we don't have to complain, as they take place twice a month !

Whatsoever, we hope you'll spend nice nights, nice parties, nice afters...

AND DO NOT FORGET TO RESPECT THAI LAWS: Do not mess with Drugs !!!

For over 20 years, the Full Moon Party has been Koh Phangan´s most important event, as ravers from all over the world get together to party every month. Now, the Full Moon Party is no longer a crazy rave with freaky people running around on acid, mushrooms or speed cocktails.....
Celebration at Paradise Club, the place of the original Full moon party of Koh Phangan 
Light my fire ! Full moon Fireshows on Haad Rin - Koh Phangan
Instead, it has become more of a dance festival taking place on Haad Rin Beach every month.
It’s a bit like a big open disco on the beach, with many bars playing different music, from classic rock and reggae, or dance and techno, to Drum & Bass and hardcore. The specialty here consists of a "bucket" (ice bucket, actually) filled with a mix of "red bull" (an energy drink with high caffeine and taurine content), some alcoholic drink (vodka, local "whisky"...) and Coke, to help you keep going throughout the night... Funnily enough, it could appear that some people didn’t quite get the right dosage as you find passed out people sleeping on the beach, face down in the sand and red burnt skin ! Anyway if you come to do some pretty serious partying and not just to look at what happens, you will enjoy this special night no end... And you might even plan to come for the next one...

Remember that you're on the beach on a tropical island... take care of dehydratation !!

Depending on what kind of music you like, you can choose between many different styles as you walk along the beach. Each club plays a different style, so you can stop at one bar for a song or two before moving on in search of the next tune that takes your fancy. Anyway, throughout the night, DJ’s come and go, so you’ll need to keep checking out the clubs as the atmosphere keeps changing.

At the Paradise Bungalows, the site of the original Full Moon Parties, the combination of resident and guest international Techno-DJs together with the freaky mushroom decor make it one of the biggest show on the beach.
A few meters further down, the Zoom Bar has now double space, as they occupy the former Vinyl bar as well as their original location, with a huge sound system, with walls of speakers screaming goa-trance or even hardcore-tribe, depending on the Djs check-list that day.
Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

Then, we leave the "techno space" for a while to join the Drop In, next door club, that plays more commercial music, with a pinch of rock and ladles of hip hop, to finish with some techno in the early hours of the morning. In the middle of the beach, The Cactus plays also commercial music, just as the Drop In, with more "dance" classics and some "house". Walking a little bit further down towards the end of the beach, The Big Boom Bar offers progressive to Drum & Bass tunes with a few classics thrown in between. This is a very popular place, especially among Thai people.

There are of course many more bars playing music all night long and it's impossible to speak about every one of them. However, you could also check out the Orchid Bar and other clubs in Haad Rin.
And the next morning ! If you are still not tired after a long night partying, The Backyard organizes the most famous after party in Koh Phangan, straight in Haad Rin west-side. It starts at 11am, as Haad Rin beach shuts down. Check our special column about after parties to know where you can continue to party !

ATTENTION - Theft or loss, depending on your state, can happen very easily in the crowd, leave all your valuables in the safe of your Bungalow and just take in your pocket what you need for the night. We warn you again : NO drugs ! Undercover Police officers are walking down the beach all night long, ready to catch the unlucky ones... Be aware.

Full Moon Parties Schedule




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Psychedelic Visual at the Black Moon Party, at Mac's bay resort on Bantai beach, Koh Phangan. The Black Moon Party happens approximately 15 days before (or after) the full moon. It takes place on Bantai beach, at Mac's Bay resort, just few meters after the 7-Eleven. Unlike the full moon party, there is here only one sound (mega sound suits better, as we have here at least 10 kilowatts) and Djs follow each other all night long playing their own tunes on the deck. Don't expect a Free-Party, as most of the parties, apart from the full moon, have now an entry fee. But don't worry as it's still affordable to all, as only 300 baht will be asked, and it includes a drink. The music here is barely exclusively Techno Trance, for the pleasure of the crowd there, which loves it !!

And the atmosphere follows with a totally trippy scenery design, 100% psychedelic, with fluo paintings and cotton weavings arranged everywhere on the ground and in the trees and glowing with the black lights. A very good party, especially during the high season, when high quality international Djs are invited to play. It's a favorite among ravers, as it's still on the beach, but much closer to free-parties than the Full Moon Party.

Black Moon Parties Schedule

July 7 - August 6 - September 4 - October 4 - November 2 - December 2 -December 28

January 30 - February 28 - March 30 - April 28 - May 28 - June 26 - July 26 - August 24 - September 23 - October 22 - November 21 - December 20
Psy trance music in a Psycedelic setting at the black moon party in Koh Phangan.

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The Half moon party happens twice a month, one week before and one week after the full moon party. It tends to become the most enjoyed of all the parties on Koh Phangan and it unanimously "satisfies the soul" (their credo) of the people taking part.We have to say that, even if it's not a beach party, the site, in the jungle, is absolutely fabulous ! There is, here as well, only one sound (from House to pseudo Techno Trance) and the Djs (changing during the season) are following each other, every 2 to 3 hours.

The amazing Half Moon Party site in Bantai, Koh Phangan. Hot inside, warm outside, the half moon party of koh phangan is one of the favorite.

The music here is generally correct, but you might find it repeatitive if you go there on a regular basis...
Different dance floors, as well as the three bars, allow the people to fluently move around. It happens twice a month, it would be a pity not to be on Koh Phangan and miss it !

To go there, just turn at the 7 eleven in Bantai, pass the Wat Po (herbal sauna temple, check our special page spirituality and well being) and follow the signs on the roadside. There is an entry fee (300 bahts, one drink included).

Half Moon Parties Schedule

Jan: 4th, 18th - Feb: 2nd, 16th - Mar: 4th, 19th - Apr: 3rd, 19th - May: 3rd, 18th, 31st - Jun: 15th, 30th - Jul: 15th, 31th - Aug: 14th, 29th - Sep: 13rd, 27th - Oct: 11st, 27th - Nov: 9th, 25th - Dec: 9th, 24th

Jan: 8th, 24th - Feb: 7th, 22nd - Mar: 8th, 24th - Apr: 7th, 22nd - May: 7th, 21st - Jun: 6th, 20th - Jul: 5th, 19th - Aug: 4th, 16th - Sep: 2nd, 16th - Oct: 1st, 15th, 31st - Nov: 14th, 29th - Dec: 14th, 27th
The upper bar/Dancefloor at the half moon party of koh phangan gives a good viewpoint on the whole place. The half moon party of koh phangan, here you are, the setting. Th dancefloors are just waiting for you.

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Apart from the cycle of the moon, there are many other parties all year long, more or less on a regular basis, and, of course, the after parties becoming more and more well rated. Just remember that all of these are pay-parties (generally 250 to 300 bahts) EXCEPT the Moon Set party and Ban Sabai after-parties that stay free !

Still on the road to Haad Rin, behind Ban Tai village, in the jungle, the SHIVA MOON party takes place once to twice a month, even more in the high season. The music goes from Progressive House to Techno Trance, and the quality of the sound as well as the design arrangements tend to be better and better month after month. After some not so good early stages, this party offers now, more and more often, very high quality sessions, like in 2006, and more recently in early 2008, when Bruce from Psyberpunk delivered an amazingly high grade live performance, setting the dance floor on fire !

Shiva Moon Party in Ban Tai, enjoy the jungle party atmosphere of koh phangan Moon Set Party at Pirate's Bar on Haad chao pao, west coast of Koh Phangan.

On the west coast, one or two days before the full moon, the Pirate's Bar is arranging- since few months already- the MOON SET party, on the beach at Haad Chao Pao. The music here is not exclusively Trance, with some House and Progressive sessions as well. This Party is famous among the people staying on this coast, as the other parties are quite far, southward. Further north, the Reggae Bar in Haad Salad (owned by the famous Mr Lek) organizes, from time to time, the REGGAE PARTY, with some live concerts in the jungle ! Check the Flyers !

In high season, the PARADISE WATERFALL bungalows, organises parties in the jungle, just by the pool of a waterfall,, 1 km before Chaloklum. The place itself is wicked, but the success of the parties depends too much on the Djs, the music, here, can go from better to worse.
There are also some JUNGLE PARTIES, in Bantai, in a place located just above the half moon party site or sometimes next to Sanora, just before Banja resort. In the same area, when he's not invited abroad to play in huge festivals, the very good local DJ Sabai-Sabai has now his own party, the famous JUNGLE Experience, with very good music as you can expect from him.
On the West coast, from time to time, AMSTERDAM BAR, on the hill of Wok Tum bay also have its own parties, like the sunset party, as does the APACHE BAR near Hadd Yao west. And, finally, the Waeng Thai Bungalows Swimming pool parties, just after Thong Sala, on the road to Haad Rin, takes place in the afternoon, by their swimming pool, of course, with "R n' B vido clip" style atmosphere guaranted...

You have also many parties in Haad Rin like the Coral Bungalows Swimming Pool Party every week or the BREAKBEACH Party on Leela Beach on the eastern part of Haad Rin, which takes place every month, two days before the Full Moon Party, like a warm up party. And you have some special parties on the beach organized by the Bars there.

Check around, for flyers, to get the exact dates of each of these events.

And last but not least, on the list we have the famous BACKYARD's sunday nights, in Haad Rin. It's over 10 years now, that this sacrosanct evenings allow the ravers to end the week-end on a high note and they still have a lot of success ! So, since you won't work on monday... why not ?!...

And do not forget our page Night life in koh Phangan that also gives few addresses apart from the regular parties, to help you spend nice evenings.

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Any good raver can't get satisfied with just a party, and that's why after-parties have been created everywhere all over the world ! And, inevitably, Koh Phangan does not make an exception ! So if you're still not tired after a night of partying, here is how you can continue dancing and enjoying Koh Phangan style. And for Ban Sabai after-parties, NO money is asked for the entry, the organisers know that they can always rely on your huge sens of share through your drinkings at the bar.

Full-power Happy After-Party people at Ban Sabaii, in bantai, the after-party of all parties of Koh Phangan.  After Party at the Backyard, Haad Rin West, the famous and oldest place for the after party of the full moon party of koh phangan

Located on the beach, in the village of Bantai, the BAN SABAII loves all the partygoers and organises "afters" after ALL parties wherever they are. There, you can see all the soundthirsty people, still not sleeping, running after decibels, as well as the cunning ones, who just woke up, fresh out of the shower and ready for a psychedelic day-party... The music, here again, is almost exclusively Techno Trance, with high quality sessions and all the people taking part seem to be contented. The notoriety of the place is getting bigger and bigger every month and it even overruns those of some parties it's taking over... Existing since some years now, some more nice high times are to come, if the quality remains at the same level. It opens around 10 to 11:00 am and will bring you until late in the night, when you'll have to go for a sleep, just to recover a bit, the next party isn't more than 3 to 4 days from then... And even every 2 days in the season.

And, finally, How could we speak about the after-parties without even mentionning THE oldest and most famous of all afters in Koh Phangan, the full moon after, straight in Haad Rin, that takes place at the BACKYARD, on the sunset side. It had, for a long time, the heretical reputation to receive all what Koh Phangan counted as freaks, acideaters and mushroomheads that gave the place a particular atmosphere, out of time, out of this world.... Nowadays, it's much calmer (and 100 bahts entry fee...). And Ban Sabaii is also on the fight on that day, but, traditionnaly, many of the ravers start the after at the Backyard and then end up at Ban Sabaii.

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That's all folks ! You know almost all you need to know about partying on Koh Phangan, You now just have to take part of the action, tune in , turn on and drop out, build your own unforgettable memories and make your own experience.

C'mon now, everybody, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED !!!

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