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Koh Phangan Koh Samui

It is definitely its beaches that made Koh Samui so famous among travellers. Wherever you decide to stay, all of them are white sanded. You'll find many long beaches, laying like vast strips of sand in the sun, with lining coconut trees, and pine for some of them, the perfect picture of the tropical paradise you can find in the tourist brochures, you'll just have it under your eyes !

We wish you a nice stay on these heavenly beaches ! Nice beaches, amazing beaches, stunning beaches ? you name them !


Choose your beach in the list below and click to visit it.

WEST Thong Krut | Phang Ka | Taling Ngam | Lipa Noï

NORTH Mae Nam | Bophut | Big Buddha

EAST Choengmon | Chaweng | Lamaï | Hua Thanon

Or, to make it easier, choose the location you like and click directly on its position on the opposite map of koh Samui.

Beaches of Koh Samui - Click on the beach you want to visit Mae Nam Beach Big Buddha beach Choeng Mon beach Chaweng and Chaweng Noi beaches Lamai beach Hua Thanon Thong Krut beach Phang Ka beach Taling Ngam beach Lipa Noi beach Bophut beach

Follows a clockwise listing of the beaches of Koh Samui
starting from South-West, in Thong Krut and finishing in the South-East in Hua Thanon.

The West Coast, although not really a spot for swimming, Thong Krut Bay still has the feel of a small fishing village, with a superb view over a string of islands to the South. On the beach, wooden restaurants built on stilts make pleasant places to have a drink in a restful atmosphere.

Phang Ka Bay is another beautiful and very quiet beach, although one has to go through the hotels to get to it. Once on the beach though, one can easily enjoy a bit of peace and solitude while soaking up some sunshine. On the left-hand side of the main road you will find a smaller street which leads to a temple. For those who appreciate curiosities, check out the mummified body of a famous monk on display there.

Thong krut beach on Koh Samui Phang ka bay on Koh Samui 

Although the access from the road is difficult and the coastline is narrow, Taling Ngam boasts a beautiful and secluded beach. The best spot in the area is covered by the Royal Meridien which has one of the most amazing ocean views on the island. If you need peace and quiet and have that feeling of getting away from it all, you won't be disappointed with Taling Ngam.

Lipa Noi makes a lovely stopover to take a break and have a swim or a drink. This beach is also one of the best locations on the island to go and catch a beautiful sunset. A few bungalows and a restaurant can be found close to the beach. There's not much in the way of entertainment in the area though.

Taling ngam beach on Koh Samui Lipa noi beach on Koh Samui 

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Maenam Beach, has a 4 km long smooth white beach. Windsurfing facilities are available, as well as several small beach restaurants and bungalows. There is no nightlife in Maenam but it's a fantastic place to spend a day or an afternoon with your friends or family.

Bo Phut Beach is 2 km long and located on the North side of Samui. It was one of the first beaches on the island to be developed. In Bo Phut village, you will find many seafood restaurants overlooking the beach. It's the reason why Bo Phut was called the fishermen’s village: it offers Samui's best selection of seafood.

Mae nam beach on Koh Samui Bo phut 

On Big Buddha Beach you will find a 12-meter tall religious icon, which is part of the Wat Phra Yai temple. This attraction is one of Samui's most popular sights and looks especially impressive when lit up at night. There is no town centre as such, but there are many shops, restaurants and bungalows nearby. Remember if you wish to get close to the Big Buddha, by note of respect to the religious significance of the icon, one is required to wear long trousers and shirts. You can 'hire' loose long pants and shirts outside the temple if you wish.

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Choeng Mon Beach. This small beach, located just a few minutes from the Northern part of Chaweng, is one of our favourites. A good way to realise that not so far from Chaweng, there are still some very quiet places, not too developed as yet. It is a rather good place to go for a swim as the water is quite deep.

Chaweng Beach is 7km long and Samui's most popular and lively beach. There are lots of shops, bars, restaurants and discos to be found there. Chaweng offers you all kinds of music, from traditional Thai to Jazz, rock and reggae. If you have kids, there is also a playroom in Chaweng, with European management, where you can leave them to play with other kids, thus gaining a little bit of time on your own to go and treat yourself.

Chaweng Noi Beach is just around the rocks, at the South end of Chaweng beach. It's a lot less busy and less developed than Chaweng, and you can pick one of the many small beach restaurants there to have a quiet meal in a very pleasant atmosphere. The beach itself is delightful.
Choeng mon Chaweng 

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Lamai Beach  is Samui’s second most popular beach. It is a beautiful place to go to and if you walk past the road that runs alongside the beach, you will find yourself in the heart of banana groves and coconut plantations. After dark, Lamai transforms from its sleepy daytime look into a throbbing nightlife. There are some great Thai restaurants to discover as well.

Hua Thanon is the biggest fishermen’s area on the island. It's a charming place, where the majority of fishermen is Muslim. The community is also well known for its colourful boats.
Lamai beach on Koh Samui Lamai Koh Samui  Hua Thanon Koh Samui 

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