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🎉 Celebrating Academic Excellence in Thailand! 🌟🎓✨ Congrats to Miss Supicha Jaieua, Miss Channanant Janjaka, and Miss Patharawadee Saetee for acing the National Test with a perfect 💯! Let their dedication and hard work inspire us all! 📚🔥 AcademicExcellence ProudMoment Inspiration ThaiLanguage Education Thailand TalentedStudents HardWorkPaysOff

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technology communication

Expanding Communication: Koh Samui’s Innovative Approach

📱🌴 Exciting news from Koh Samui City Municipality! They are revolutionizing communication with their residents through the popular LINE app, providing instant access to news, resources, and support. 🙌✨ Experience the convenience of electronic services, realtime traffic viewing, and more, setting a new standard for accessible and responsive governance. KohSamui TechnologyRevolution AccessibleGovernance InstantCommunication LineApp SmartCity

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thai national day father's day

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🇹🇭 Celebrate with us as we honor our beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej and celebrate Father’s Day in Thailand! Koh Samui came together to pay tribute to our great king and to celebrate the importance of fatherhood. Let’s cherish our traditions and values that make Thailand so unique! 🌺👑👨‍👧‍👦 ThaiNationalDay FathersDay KingRamaIX CannaFlower FamilyFirst Thailand

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father's day national day

A Day of Celebration and Remembrance: December 5 in Thailand

🎉👑 Celebrating Thailand’s National Day and Father’s Day on December 5th! 🎉✨ Join us in honoring King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, a revered leader and beloved father figure to the Thai people. His dedication and initiatives have left a lasting impact on the nation, and today we unite in vibrant celebrations on beautiful Koh Samui to remember his remarkable legacy. 🇹🇭💙 ThailandNationalDay FathersDay KingBhumibolAdulyadej LegacyOfLove KohSamuiCelebrations UnityAndIdentity

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city centre revitalization strategic development plan

Green light for Leeds Kirkgate Market hotel scheme

🏨 Exciting news for Leeds! The city council has approved a new hotel and gym project next to the iconic Leeds Kirkgate Market, operated by Premier Inn. With 143 rooms, a bar, and a restaurant, this initiative aims to enhance the market area and improve community welfare through accessible fitness facilities. 🌇 Joining forces with locals, the council’s plan to revitalize the city center is underway, creating new job opportunities and promoting growth. Don’t miss out on this exciting development! LeedsNews PremierInn CityRevitalization CommunityWelfare JobOpportunities

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1 digital communication

**Koh Samui City Municipality Embraces Digital Communication**

📣 Stay connected with Koh Samui City Municipality and enjoy the convenience of digital communication! Use Line, the popular messaging app, to access municipal services, receive realtime updates, and connect with officials. Experience smarter living and be part of a stronger bond between the city and its citizens. DigitalConnectivity SmarterLiving KohSamuiCityMunicipality StayConnected ConvenientCommunication SmartGovernance

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child development centers early childhood education

Inspection of Koh Samui’s Municipal Child Development Centers

Exciting news from Koh Samui! The municipal child development centers received a visit from Deputy Mayor Mr. Pakorn Kanjanaopas and his team, who observed classrooms, interacted with children and teachers, and provided support. These centers are not only places of learning, but also communities of care and support. The findings from the inspection will help enhance educational outcomes for our youngest community members. KohSamui ChildDevelopment EducationMatters CommunitySupport LearningJourney MakingADifference

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cultural heritage festival of light and unity

Loy Krathong Festival 2023 in Koh Samui

🌸 Experience the vibrant Loy Krathong Festival in Koh Samui, a celebration that brings together locals, tourists, and community leaders to honor traditional Thai heritage. Join Mayor Ramnetr Jaikwong and immerse yourself in stunning performances, krathong contests, and the beauty pageant that pay homage to Thai culture. Let’s come together to preserve our cultural traditions and promote environmental stewardship at this incredible event! 🌼🎉🌙 LoyKrathongFestival ThaiHeritage KohSamui CulturalTraditions EnvironmentalStewardship Unity CommunityCelebration ArtisticCreativity PreservationOfTraditions

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