aviation safety fireworks

Celebrating the New Year Safely

🎉 Celebrate the New Year safely! Let’s find new ways to enjoy the festivities without endangering our skies. Fireworks pose a real risk to airplanes, so let’s join the cause by refraining from releasing objects that could harm aircraft. Remember to communicate your plans to air traffic controllers for a joyful and safe transition into the New Year! ✨🌍✈️ NewYearSafety AviationAwareness SkySafety SafeSkies CelebrateResponsibly AirTravelSafety NewYear2022

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alms-giving cultural heritage

New Year’s Alms-Giving Tradition at Municipal School 4, Wat Kiri Mas

Join us as we celebrate the New Year with a heartwarming almsgiving tradition at Municipal School 4, Wat Kiri Mas, preserving our rich cultural heritage and strengthening our community bonds. Let’s come together, young and old, to pass down cherished traditions and preserve our cultural identity for generations to come. 🎉🌟 NewYearsTradition CommunitySpirit CulturalHeritage AlmsGiving CelebratingTraditions PreservingOurCulture

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community engagement annual general meeting

🎉 Join us on December 27th, 2023, as we celebrate the Opening Ceremony for the Ko Samui Senior Citizens Organization Annual General Meeting! 🎊 We’re thrilled to welcome Mr. Ramnetrai Jaikwang, the Mayor of Ko Samui, along with the executive team and council members. See you there! 💃🏼🎵 KoSamuiSeniors AGM2023

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revenue and finance taxation

Exploring the Treasury Department of Ko Samui

🌴📊 Discover the Treasury Department of Ko Samui 🏦 This vital institution in the peaceful Ang Thong Subdistrict plays a crucial role in maintaining the economic prosperity of this thriving island. 💰 Connect with the Revenue Development Division for tax and fiscal policies, conveniently located in their own dedicated building. 📞 Their knowledgeable team is always available to provide assistance, ensuring financial proficiency for residents and businesses alike. Let’s work together to boost the financial wellbeing of the district! 🤝 TreasuryDepartment KoSamui FinancialStewardship Taxation FiscalPolicies FinancialSupport

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1 alms-giving

Welcoming the New Year with Alms-Giving

🌅 Welcome to the New Year on Ko Samui! 🎉 Join us in celebrating the start of 2024 with a beautiful almsgiving ceremony that unites the community and visitors alike. Let’s come together and start the year with positivity and auspiciousness! 🙏 NewYearOnKoSamui AlmsGivingCeremony CommunityUnity PositiveVibes AuspiciousStart

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1 municipal communication

Expanding Communication: Koh Samui City’s Innovative Approach

🌴 Expanding Communication: Koh Samui City’s Innovative Approach 🌴 Stay informed and connected with the municipality of Koh Samui City through the specialized LINE account “Koh Samui City Municipality”! This cuttingedge initiative allows you to access important updates and services with just a few taps on your smart device. Embrace this new way of connecting and make our city even more vibrant and informed! 🌴📲💙

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tourism management public transportation

Exciting news from Koh Samui! The island is working hard to enhance its cruise ship tourism, with a recent meeting bringing together local authorities, tour operators, and more to improve transportation for visitors. Get ready for a seamless and unforgettable experience on this stunning island! 🏝️🛳️🚢✨ KohSamui CruiseShipTourism TravelExperience IslandParadise VacationGoals ExploreThailand MemorableStay

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healthcare public health services

Introduction to the Ten Thousand Beds Hospital Project

Exciting news in Koh Samui! The Ten Thousand Beds Hospital Project is making waves, with a recent MOU meeting paving the way for collaborative efforts and improved healthcare services. 🏥💪 healthcarerevolution KohSamui TenThousandBedsHospital publichealth collaboration communitydevelopment excitingtimes healthcare medicalservices healthimprovement hospitalproject communityhealth collaborativeefforts taskforce publichealthservices communitydevelopment

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