education tradition

Ceremony of Offering Forest Robe Merit for Education Support

Celebrating education and youth empowerment at Phawana Bodhikun College’s Auditorium with Mayor Ramnetr Jai Kwang and other distinguished guests! Let’s support local youth education together! 🌟📚🎓 SupportEducation EmpowerYouth PhawanaBodhikunCollege MayorRamnetrJaiKwang DeputyPrimeMinisterPeerapunSareerattawipak MinisterofIndustryPimpapathraWichai YouthEmpowerment Generosity EducationForAll

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pride diversity

Koh Samui’s Vibrant Display of Diversity

The Sunset Pride Parade in Koh Samui celebrated diversity and unity, with over 1,000 participants showcasing the island’s commitment to inclusivity. Led by Dr. Peerapong Saleeratviphak, the parade marked the high point of the Pride Nation Samui International Festival. Let’s celebrate love, acceptance, and progress together! SunsetPrideParade PrideNationSamui KohSamuiDiversity InclusionMatters 🏳️‍🌈💖

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tax deadline

Tax Deadline Approaching on Koh Samui

🌴 Don’t forget, Koh Samui property owners! The tax deadline for 2024 is approaching fast. Settle your dues by the end of June to avoid late fees and manage your payments conveniently with extended service hours on the 29th and 30th at the Revenue Development Building. Stay stressfree in paradise by being proactive with your tax payments! KohSamui TaxDeadline PropertyOwners ParadiseLiving 🏝️💸

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community education

Join us in Koh Samui on June 30, 2024, for the Forest Robe Offering Ceremony supporting Vana Phothisuk Vocational College, bridging spirituality and education. Let’s make a difference in our community by contributing to quality education and shaping tomorrow’s skilled professionals. ForestRobeOffering EducationForAll CommunitySupport 🌿📚🙏

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education community engagement

Preparing for the Forest Robe Offering Ceremony

Join us in Koh Samui on June 30, 2024, for the Forest Robe Offering ceremony supporting Vana Phothisuk Vocational College, upholding cultural traditions and creating educational opportunities for a brighter future. Your generosity will impact the lives of young learners see you there! 🌿📚 ForestRobeOffering EducationForAll KohSamuiCommunity VanaPhothisukVocationalCollege

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