1 digital communication

**Koh Samui City Municipality Embraces Digital Communication**

📣 Stay connected with Koh Samui City Municipality and enjoy the convenience of digital communication! Use Line, the popular messaging app, to access municipal services, receive realtime updates, and connect with officials. Experience smarter living and be part of a stronger bond between the city and its citizens. DigitalConnectivity SmarterLiving KohSamuiCityMunicipality StayConnected ConvenientCommunication SmartGovernance

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child development centers early childhood education

Inspection of Koh Samui’s Municipal Child Development Centers

Exciting news from Koh Samui! The municipal child development centers received a visit from Deputy Mayor Mr. Pakorn Kanjanaopas and his team, who observed classrooms, interacted with children and teachers, and provided support. These centers are not only places of learning, but also communities of care and support. The findings from the inspection will help enhance educational outcomes for our youngest community members. KohSamui ChildDevelopment EducationMatters CommunitySupport LearningJourney MakingADifference

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cultural heritage festival of light and unity

Loy Krathong Festival 2023 in Koh Samui

🌸 Experience the vibrant Loy Krathong Festival in Koh Samui, a celebration that brings together locals, tourists, and community leaders to honor traditional Thai heritage. Join Mayor Ramnetr Jaikwong and immerse yourself in stunning performances, krathong contests, and the beauty pageant that pay homage to Thai culture. Let’s come together to preserve our cultural traditions and promote environmental stewardship at this incredible event! 🌼🎉🌙 LoyKrathongFestival ThaiHeritage KohSamui CulturalTraditions EnvironmentalStewardship Unity CommunityCelebration ArtisticCreativity PreservationOfTraditions

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drug-free environment substance abuse

Join Teeparat School in their mission to build a safe haven for the youth through the DrugFree Immunity Project. Together, let’s empower students to resist drugs and create a brighter future. DrugFreeImmunityProject TeeparatSchool BuildingABetterFuture YouthEmpowerment SayNoToDrugs CreatingABrighterFuture SafeHavenForYouth FosteringPeacefulSociety

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stem education inclusive learning

Empowering Through Education: Koh Samui’s STEM Initiative

📚 Check out Koh Samui’s groundbreaking STEM Education Project, empowering individuals through inclusive learning opportunities and bridging the educational gap. 🌍 Join the movement towards a brighter future for all and support lifelong learning by following their innovative approach. KohSamui STEMEducation InclusiveLearning LifelongLearning EducationForAll CriticalThinking InterdisciplinaryLearning ProgressiveEducation BrighterFuture

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visa policy tourism business standards

Koh Samui: Facilitating Tourism with Innovative Visa Policies

Exciting news from Koh Samui! Thailand has introduced a visafree entry policy to attract more visitors, especially from China and Kazakhstan. With safety measures in place and topnotch services, Koh Samui is ready to welcome tourists back and revitalize its tourism industry. Get ready to indulge in affordable luxury and delicious seafood while enjoying the stunning beaches of this tropical paradise! 🌴✨ KohSamui TourismRevival ThailandVisaFree ChineseTourists KazakhstanTourists BeachSafety

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gis environmental management

Introduction to GIS in Environmental Management

Introducing GIS in Environmental Management! 🌍🗺️ GIS is now an essential tool in understanding the environment and making datadriven decisions. 📊🔍 The Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning has launched the One Map Portal, a userfriendly platform that consolidates environmental data in Thailand. 🇹🇭🌳 It empowers stakeholders, from government agencies to the general public, to access and utilize this valuable information for various applications, helping drive sustainable development. 🌱🌇 Check out the portal now at One Map Portal and explore the world of environmental GIS data! 🌍🔍💚 GIS Environment OneMapPortal SustainableDevelopment

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