public spaces cleanliness

Organizing the Footpaths

Join us in keeping Koh Samui beautiful and orderly by refraining from parking vehicles or obstructing sidewalks. Let’s work together to create a safe and inviting environment for all residents and tourists. CleanSidewalks KeepKohSamuiBeautiful 🌴🚶‍♂️🚫 Reclaiming Public Sidewalks

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education community involvement

Preschool Graduation Ceremony at Wat Lamai

Join us at Wat Lamai for the 23rd Preschool Graduation Ceremony on March 29, 2024! 🎓🌟 Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of our 93 young graduates as they embark on their educational journey. 🌈 PreschoolGraduation WatLamai CommunityCelebration 🏫📚 🎉 Special guest Mr. Pakorn Kanjanopas will honor the occasion, highlighting our community’s commitment to early childhood education. Click the link to see the event photos and feel the joy! 📸✨ Event Photo Gallery

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fitness health

Koh Samui’s Initiative for Active, Healthy Kids

The Joyful Kids Exercise Program at Koh Samui’s Early Childhood Development Center is helping children aged 35 stay healthy and happy through fun fitness activities like twirling Hula Hoops! Thanks to the support of Koh Samui City Municipality, these little ones are on their way to a healthy and active future! 💪🏼🎉🌴 HealthyKids FitFutures KohSamuiCommunity

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food hygiene training program

Introduction to Food Hygiene Training

Food safety is a cornerstone of public health. In light of this, initiatives such as the Food Hygiene Training Program play a critical role in ensuring that food handlers are wellversed in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety. The Koh Samui City Hall, with its dedicated commitment to health and environment, has launched the second batch of its Food Hygiene Training for those in the food service industry.

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education early childhood development

Preschool Graduation Ceremony at the Municipal Child Development Center 8, Thong Krut Village

Celebrate with us as 28 young graduates take their first step into education at Municipal Child Development Center 8 in Thong Krut Village, Koh Samui! 🎓 These future leaders are ready to take on the world with their holistic development and we wish them all the best in their bright futures! 🌈 PreschoolGraduation KohSamui EarlyChildhoodDevelopment FutureLeaders 🎉

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consumer protection labeling regulations

Overview of the Committee on Labeling

Exciting news from the Committee on Labeling! They’ve unveiled the latest Characteristics of Controlled Labels (No. 5), a gamechanger for businesses and consumers. Starting Feb 12, 2024, businesses must meet these new standards to ensure transparency and reliability in product labeling. This update is a winwin, empowering consumers with more information and fostering trust in the products they buy. Stay tuned for educational resources and workshops to guide everyone through this transition towards a more informed marketplace. ConsumerProtection LabelingStandards CommitteeOnLabeling 🏷️🔍🛍️

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