**Introduction to Traffy Fondue**

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Introducing Traffy Fondue: your go-to tool for solving urban issues with a few taps on your phone. Join us in making cities cleaner, safer, and more efficient! #TraffyFondue #UrbanManagement #CommunityEngagement 🏙️📱🚦

In the bustling streets of our cities, where every corner teems with life, issues big and small are bound to arise. Be it a flickering streetlight, a pothole growing ever wider, or the remnants of the day’s hustle left littering the sidewalk, urban problems require swift and efficient solutions. Enter Traffy Fondue, a dynamic platform designed to bridge the gap between the public’s concerns and the agencies responsible for solving them.

Empowering Citizens through Technology

Traffy Fondue is not just an application; it’s a communal tool that empowers every city dweller to be an active participant in the betterment of their surroundings. With a smartphone in hand, citizens can quickly report any urban issue. This level of engagement fosters a collaborative environment where everyone can contribute to the city’s welfare.

Seamless Reporting and Communication

For those facing an urban issue, Traffy Fondue simplifies the reporting process into a few straightforward steps. All one needs to do is highlight the problem, be it related to cleanliness, infrastructure, or public utilities, and the relevant information is swiftly communicated to the appropriate agency. This transparency is key, allowing individuals to not only raise concerns but also to track the progress of their resolution.

Quick Guide on Using Traffy Fondue

Step-by-Step Problem Reporting

  • Step 1: Connect with Traffy Fondue
    Start by adding Traffy Fondue as a friend on LINE. This can be done by searching for the ID @traffyfondue or by directly scanning the provided QR code.

  • Step 2: Describe Your Concern
    Once Traffy Fondue is added, type in a description of the urban problem you’ve encountered and send the message.

  • Step 3: Provide Details
    Enhance your report by taking a photo of the issue, specifying its nature, and sharing the exact location to ensure that the problem is accurately documented.

  • Step 4: Engage the Right Agency
    Select from a list of agencies that are best suited to address and resolve the issue you’ve reported.

Visual Assistance for Reporting

For those preferring visual guidance, Traffy Fondue provides a comprehensive tutorial video that walks you through the reporting process. This resource ensures that even first-time users can report issues effectively, contributing to the improvement of their community.

A Platform for Responsive Urban Management

The genius of Traffy Fondue lies in its ability to provide detailed problem reports complete with photographs and precise location data. This information is vital for agencies to prioritize and swiftly tackle issues, ensuring that the city’s machinery runs smoothly. Problems are not just reported—they’re set on a path to resolution.


While cities are constantly evolving, so too are the methods by which we can sustain and enhance them. Traffy Fondue stands as a testament to this progression, offering an innovative and user-friendly platform for community engagement in urban management. It’s a step towards a smarter, more responsive, and well-cared-for city, where each individual’s voice can lead to tangible change.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does Traffy Fondue empower citizens to contribute to the betterment of their city?

Traffy Fondue revolutionizes the concept of civic participation by providing a communal tool that allows every individual with a smartphone to actively engage in urban problem-solving. By reporting issues directly through the app, citizens become vital contributors to the welfare and improvement of their surroundings, fostering a collaborative environment for city enhancement.

What is the process to report an urban issue through Traffy Fondue?

To report an issue, residents can follow these easy steps:
Step 1: Add Traffy Fondue as a friend on LINE by searching the ID @traffyfondue or scanning the QR code.
Step 2: Send a description of the problem encountered.
Step 3: Include a photo and the precise location of the issue to enhance the report.
Step 4: Choose the agency best suited to handle the problem from a list provided by the app.

Can first-time users of Traffy Fondue easily report urban issues, and is there additional help available?

Yes, first-time users will find Traffy Fondue user-friendly and can utilize a comprehensive tutorial video that guides them through each step of the reporting process. The visual assistance ensures that anyone, regardless of prior experience, can effectively contribute to resolving urban issues within their community.