1 local governance

Koh Samui City Council Convenes for 4th Ordinary Session in 2023

🌴 Koh Samui City Council recently held its 4th Ordinary Session, focusing on strategic planning and improving administrative and community services. With a new Secretary appointed and a strong emphasis on public participation and sustainable development, Koh Samui is dedicated to creating a prosperous future. 🏝️💚 KohSamui CityCouncil CommunityEngagement SustainableDevelopment ElderlySupport Transparency Collaboration

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1 thailand property awards

Celebrating Excellence in Thai Real Estate: Highlights from the 18th PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards

🌟 Celebrating Excellence in Thai Real Estate 🏢✨ The 18th PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards showcased the best developers from Greater Bangkok, Phuket, and the Eastern Seaboard, with Sena Development winning Best Developer and Habitat Group earning multiple accolades. Stay tuned for the Grand Final in Bangkok! 🎉🌆🏆 PropertyGuruThailandPropertyAwards RealEstateExcellence BangkokFinals ThaiRealEstate

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domestic violence gun violence

Tragic Family Incident Shocks Songkhla Community

🚨 Tragic news from Songkhla: A heartbreaking incident has shocked the community, as a man shot his wife and two young daughters before taking his own life. Our thoughts and prayers are with Songkhla during this difficult time. Let’s join hands to raise awareness against domestic violence and support those affected. StopDomesticViolence PrayersForSongkhla TogetherAgainstViolence

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school safety mental health issues

School Assembly Disturbance Leads to Arrest in Chaiyaphum

🚨 School Assembly Disturbance Leads to Arrest in Chaiyaphum 🚨 This morning, a man stormed onto the grounds of Ban Namphu Hinlard School, causing panic during the morning assembly. Fortunately, swift action from staff and law enforcement resulted in the arrest of the assailant, highlighting the importance of addressing mental health concerns in our community. StaySafe MentalHealthMatters Chaiyaphum SchoolSafety CommunitySupport

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1 street begging

Examining the Crackdown on Disfigured Chinese Beggars in Bangkok

🚨 Bangkok police are taking action against Chinese visitors with visible facial and body disfigurements, suspected of being involved in organized begging. Recent arrests have led to fines and a 10year ban, with a possible connection to a larger gang. Help end this exploitative practice! BangkokPolice OrganizedBegging StopExploitation CampaignAgainstExploitation TourismAwareness StayVigilant

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tourism visa exemptions

Navigating the New Visa Landscape: Thailand Adjusts to Changing Tourist Demands

🌍 Thailand adapts to changing tourist demands by adjusting its visa policies and targeting new markets like Taiwan and India, despite the impact of canceled flights from China and global financial uncertainty. 🛫 ThailandTourism VisaExemption TourismStrategy NewMarkets GlobalTravel ChinaTravel KazakhstanTravel TaiwanTravel IndiaTravel TourismIndustry EconomicRecovery SecurityConcerns WelcomeTourists ExploreThailand TravelGoals TourismUpdates

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significant tags: iconsiam bangkok illumination 2023

Splendor by the Riverside: ICONSIAM’s 5th Anniversary Festivities

✨🌟 Celebrate ICONSIAM’s 5th anniversary with the mesmerizing lights and cultural wonders at the ICONSIAM Unrivalled World of Bangkok Illumination 2023! Don’t miss the 20meter Thaiinspired Christmas tree powered by the sun, the longest multimedia water features in Southeast Asia, and a symphony of lights, colors, and sounds. Plan your visit before January 5, 2024, and experience the magic of ICONSIAM! 🎉✨

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