1 tuesday market

Discover the Charm of Koh Samui’s Tuesday Market

🌴🛍️ Join us at the enchanting Koh Samui Tuesday Market, located at Ton Pier parking lot! From 2 PM until midnight, immerse yourself in the vibrant Thai culture, savor delicious cuisine, find hidden treasures, and soak up the warm communal atmosphere. Don’t miss this chance to experience island life! 🌺✨ KohSamui TuesdayMarket ThaiCuisine IslandLife HiddenTreasures EnchantingJourney

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teachers' day education

Ko Samui Celebrates the 68th Teachers’ Day in 2024

🎉🏫 Celebrate the 68th Teachers’ Day in Ko Samui! 🌟 Honoring the dedication and contributions of educators, this vibrant event was filled with joy and progress. Click the link for a visual journey through this unforgettable celebration! TeachersDay2024 EducatorAppreciation CelebratingExcellence KoSamui TeacherLove Inspiration Grateful EducationMatters CommunityEvent JoyfulCelebration MemorableExperience

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traditions merit-making ceremonies

Celebrating the New Year with Tradition: Merit-Making in Ko Samui

🎉 Celebrating New Year with tradition in Ko Samui! The community came together for a morning of meritmaking, symbolizing unity and care for one another. By participating in these traditions, we carry forward blessings of prosperity, health, and happiness into the New Year, fostering hope and togetherness. ✨ NewYearTraditions UnityAndCare ProsperityAndHappiness KoSamuiCommunity FosteringHope CelebratingTogether

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elderly care women's health

Koh Samui Health Security Fund’s Strategic Meeting

Exciting news! The Koh Samui Health Security Fund recently held a strategic meeting to discuss vital initiatives focused on health and wellbeing. From addressing women’s health to promoting physical fitness in education, their mission is to create a healthier Koh Samui. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting projects! 🌟✨ HealthSecurityFund KohSamui CommunityHealth ElderlyCare BreastfeedingInitiative WomensHealth DrugProblemsInSchools PhysicalFitness SportsAndHealth

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compassion in care bedridden

Compassion meets tourism in Koh Samui as the local government launches the Thousand Bed Hospital Project, providing care and support to the bedridden. Led by Vice Mayor Ms. Suphinya Sritongkul and Dr. Nisa Limsuwan, this initiative sets a benchmark for public health and reminds us that no one is forgotten. KohSamui CompassionInCare TourismWithHeart ThousandBedHospitalProject PublicHealth CommunitySupport

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empowering women gender equality

Empowering Women Through Active Participation in Koh Samui

🌟 Empowering Women Through Active Participation in Koh Samui 🌟 Calling all women interested in making a difference! The Municipal City of Koh Samui is launching an initiative to empower local women and give them a voice in shaping the future of their community. Join the movement and be part of the progress! empoweringwomen communitydevelopment KohSamui inclusivity genderequality makeadifference jointhemovement shapeourcommunity tropicalparadise 🏝️🚺💪🌺

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1 cultural continuity

Celebrating the Start of 2024 in Koh Samui

🎉 Celebrating the Start of 2024 in Koh Samui 🌴 Koh Samui welcomed the New Year with a beautiful display of cultural unity and communal spirit as residents and leaders gathered at Nathon Pier for the Thai tradition of almsgiving, symbolizing good fortune and spiritual merit. With esteemed figures in attendance, the event highlighted the importance of unity and cultural values, exemplifying Koh Samui’s commitment to its Buddhist heritage. 🙏💫

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