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New Year’s Alms-Giving Tradition at Municipal School 4, Wat Kiri Mas

Join us as we celebrate the New Year with a heartwarming almsgiving tradition at Municipal School 4, Wat Kiri Mas, preserving our rich cultural heritage and strengthening our community bonds. Let’s come together, young and old, to pass down cherished traditions and preserve our cultural identity for generations to come. 🎉🌟 NewYearsTradition CommunitySpirit CulturalHeritage AlmsGiving CelebratingTraditions PreservingOurCulture

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Welcoming the New Year with Alms-Giving

🌅 Welcome to the New Year on Ko Samui! 🎉 Join us in celebrating the start of 2024 with a beautiful almsgiving ceremony that unites the community and visitors alike. Let’s come together and start the year with positivity and auspiciousness! 🙏 NewYearOnKoSamui AlmsGivingCeremony CommunityUnity PositiveVibes AuspiciousStart

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