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Introduction to the Traditional Thai Medicine Elderly Health Project

On a bright May morning in 2024, the Ang Thong Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital on the serene island of Koh Samui became a hub of activity. It was the commencement of a unique endeavor that aimed to intertwine the timehonored wisdom of Traditional Thai Medicine with modern health practices. This venture was not just a health promotion project; it was a beacon of hope for enhancing the golden years of the community’s seniors.

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Koh Samui’s Initiative for Active, Healthy Kids

The Joyful Kids Exercise Program at Koh Samui’s Early Childhood Development Center is helping children aged 35 stay healthy and happy through fun fitness activities like twirling Hula Hoops! Thanks to the support of Koh Samui City Municipality, these little ones are on their way to a healthy and active future! 💪🏼🎉🌴 HealthyKids FitFutures KohSamuiCommunity

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Understanding Heatstroke: The Silent Summer Hazard

Don’t let the summer heat get the best of you! Recognize the signs of heatstroke like high body temperature and confusion, and take action to cool down to stay safe. Stay hydrated, wear light clothing, and take breaks in the shade to beat the heat this summer! 🌞💧 HeatstrokeAwareness StayCool SummerSafety Hydrate BeatTheHeat StaySafe SummerTips HeatwaveSafety

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Ko Samui’s Initiative for Youth Health and Fitness

Get your little ones moving and grooving with Ko Samui’s “Happy Kids Exercise” program! Designed for preschoolers, this initiative promotes health and fitness in young children, instilling healthy habits from an early age. Let’s support Ko Samui’s investment in the future generation’s wellbeing! 🌟🏃‍♂️ HealthyKids FitnessForAll KoSamuiInitiative

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Sure, based on the provided information, here is the translated text with dates converted from the Buddhist Era to the Gregorian calendar:

Exciting news from Koh Samui! The Health Insurance Fund held its second committee meeting for 2024, focusing on important projects like the Elderly Health Screening Initiative. Led by Vice Mayor Miss Suphinnya Sritongkul, the community programs were discussed for a healthier and happier Koh Samui ahead! 🌟 KohSamuiHealth CommunityWellness HealthInsuranceFund

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Bright Future for Little Ones: Keeping Infectious Diseases at Bay

Exciting news! We are proud to introduce the “Bright Future for Little Ones” project, led by Ms. Wanida Pengboon, at the Child Development Center in Wat Khongkha Ram. With the support of the Koh Samui Municipality Health Insurance Fund, we aim to protect the health of 100 kindergarten students and create a safer future for our children. Join us in this important mission! 🌈💪🏼 CommunityHealth PublicHealth BrightFuture ChildDevelopment InfectiousDiseasePrevention SaferFuture ChildrensHealth HealthInitiative

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