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Celebrating the New Year with Tradition: Merit-Making in Ko Samui

🎉 Celebrating New Year with tradition in Ko Samui! The community came together for a morning of meritmaking, symbolizing unity and care for one another. By participating in these traditions, we carry forward blessings of prosperity, health, and happiness into the New Year, fostering hope and togetherness. ✨ NewYearTraditions UnityAndCare ProsperityAndHappiness KoSamuiCommunity FosteringHope CelebratingTogether

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Worship Ceremony for Phra Phrom Shrine and Ta-Yai Shrine: A Celebration of Auspiciousness

Join the celebration of auspiciousness and unity at the Worship Ceremony for Phra Phrom Shrine and TaYai Shrine in Koh Samui Municipality. This event brings together people from different sectors to seek blessings and good fortune, strengthening their connection to cultural heritage. KohSamui WorshipCeremony CulturalHeritage CommunityTraditions GoodFortune Unity

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