child development centers national children's day

Celebrating Youth: National Children’s Day 2024

🌟 Celebrating Youth: National Children’s Day 2024 🌟 Experience the magic of National Children’s Day 2024 as the municipality’s Child Development Centers create an enchanting world of joy for our little ones. From thrilling activities to delicious treats, this event celebrates the potential of our younger generation and showcases the dedication of those shaping their future. 💫🎉🎈 NationalChildrensDay2024 CelebrateYouth CommunityLove MagicalMemories FunForKids JoyfulDay

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community engagement annual general meeting

🎉 Join us on December 27th, 2023, as we celebrate the Opening Ceremony for the Ko Samui Senior Citizens Organization Annual General Meeting! 🎊 We’re thrilled to welcome Mr. Ramnetrai Jaikwang, the Mayor of Ko Samui, along with the executive team and council members. See you there! 💃🏼🎵 KoSamuiSeniors AGM2023

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mosquito control community engagement

Field Operations to Combat Mosquito-Borne Diseases in Koh Samui

Field Operations are underway in Koh Samui to fight mosquitoborne diseases, particularly targeting Aedes mosquitoes, carriers of dengue fever. Koh Samui City Municipality is committed to public health and community engagement, providing tips on maintaining clean households and implementing effective mosquito control measures. KohSamui PublicHealth MosquitoControl DiseasePrevention CommunityEngagement FoggingOperations

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thai monarchy community engagement

Royal Flower Offering Ceremony in Koh Samui

A grand flower offering ceremony took place on August 12, 2023, at 18:00 hours, in the Kanchanaphisek Meeting Hall of Koh Samui District. The event was organized to honor Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and to pay tribute to her royal auspiciousness. The ceremony saw the participation of numerous attendees, representing various sectors, including government officials, civil servants, private sector delegates, and local residents.

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