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Koh Samui Municipal Health Security Fund Enhances Community Health Initiatives

🌴🏥 The Koh Samui Municipal Health Security Fund is making a difference in the island community by striving to enhance health and wellbeing. 💪💼 They recently held a meeting to review and evaluate health projects, allocating resources strategically to support initiatives like elderly screening and sustainable waste management. 💰📋 Join them in building a healthier future for Koh Samui! 🌟📝🙌🌴 KohSamuiHealthFund CommunityHealthInitiatives PublicHealthForAll StrivingForABetterFuture BuildingHealthierCommunities KohSamuiStrong

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Promoting Community Health Through Sports: Koh Samui’s Initiative

🌟Inspiring community health and wellness through sports promotion in Koh Samui! Join the initiative and make a difference together! 💪💚 CommunityHealth SportsPromotion WellnessInitiative KohSamui FitnessGoals ActiveLifestyle 🌴Looking for ways to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle? Discover Koh Samui’s groundbreaking initiative that supports community health through sports! Get involved and be part of this inspiring wellness project! 💪💚 CommunityHealth SportsPromotion WellnessInitiative KohSamui ActiveLiving FitnessCommunity

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Koh Samui Health Security Fund’s Strategic Meeting

Exciting news! The Koh Samui Health Security Fund recently held a strategic meeting to discuss vital initiatives focused on health and wellbeing. From addressing women’s health to promoting physical fitness in education, their mission is to create a healthier Koh Samui. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting projects! 🌟✨ HealthSecurityFund KohSamui CommunityHealth ElderlyCare BreastfeedingInitiative WomensHealth DrugProblemsInSchools PhysicalFitness SportsAndHealth

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Early Childhood Brain Protection Initiative in Koh Samui

🌟 Celebrating the launch of the Early Childhood Brain Protection Initiative in Koh Samui! This incredible project led by Ms. Wanida Pengboon aims to prioritize traffic safety through training and campaigns for safe driving practices, with a focus on helmetwearing. Supported by the Koh Samui City Municipality Health Insurance Fund, this initiative is a shining example of proactive public health policy. Let’s keep our little ones safe! ✨💪🚲 BrainProtectionProject SafetyMatters KohSamui TrafficSafety PublicHealth

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Community Health Plan of the National Health Security Office Fund, Koh Samui Municipality

Exciting news! Koh Samui Municipality has launched a comprehensive Community Health Plan to tackle primary health concerns in the community. With a budget of 13,993,066.10 baht, this plan aims to provide support and preventative measures for the wellbeing of all community members. 💪🏼 Meetings will be held on November 1, 3, and 4 at the Phet Samui meeting room of the Koh Samui Municipality Office to discuss the plan and find solutions for a more effective implementation. For more info, contact NHSO Fund at 077426075, 0887620655. CommunityHealthPlan KohSamuiMunicipality NHSOFund Healthcare WellBeing PublicHealth CommunitySupport Prevention

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Music Therapy Project: A Boon for the Elderly in Maret Subdistrict

“🎶👵🏼🕺 The Maret Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital in Koh Samui District started a Music Therapy Project for the Elderly, using rhythmic music and dancing to enhance physical and mental health. 💪🏼🧠 Supported by the Koh Samui Municipality Health Insurance Fund, the project is training 30 elderly participants in enjoyable exercises to improve their quality of life. musictherapy eldercare healthpromotion kohsamui thailandtourism”

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