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Introducing the Healthy School Initiative in Koh Samui

Exciting news from Koh Samui! The “Healthy School, Happy Life with Petanque Sports” project has been launched at Wat Khunaram School to promote health and fitness among students. Let’s cheer on the students as they embark on this journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle! HealthySchoolInitiative PetanqueSports KohSamuiCommunity HealthAndFitnessGoals 🌴🏐

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Sure, based on the provided information, here is the translated text with dates converted from the Buddhist Era to the Gregorian calendar:

Exciting news from Koh Samui! The Health Insurance Fund held its second committee meeting for 2024, focusing on important projects like the Elderly Health Screening Initiative. Led by Vice Mayor Miss Suphinnya Sritongkul, the community programs were discussed for a healthier and happier Koh Samui ahead! 🌟 KohSamuiHealth CommunityWellness HealthInsuranceFund

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elderly welfare senior citizen card project

Enhancing Elderly Welfare in Koh Samui: The Senior Citizen Card Project

🌴 Enhancing Elderly Welfare in KohSamui: The Senior Citizen Card Project 🌴 Celebrating the success of KohSamui’s Senior Citizen Card Project, which aims to create an inclusive and supportive environment for the island’s aging population. This collaboration between governmental and private organizations sets a precedent for other communities to follow, ensuring the wellbeing of the elderly for years to come. 📸

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compassion in care bedridden

Compassion meets tourism in Koh Samui as the local government launches the Thousand Bed Hospital Project, providing care and support to the bedridden. Led by Vice Mayor Ms. Suphinya Sritongkul and Dr. Nisa Limsuwan, this initiative sets a benchmark for public health and reminds us that no one is forgotten. KohSamui CompassionInCare TourismWithHeart ThousandBedHospitalProject PublicHealth CommunitySupport

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