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Thailand’s Muslims’ Spiritual Leader Passes Away Following Brother’s Tragic Murder

Thailand’s Muslim community grieves the passing of spiritual leader Aziz Phitakkumpol, who passed away at age 76 just a day after his younger brother was murdered in Songkhla. Aziz was a highly respected figure within the community, having served as the Chairman of the Central Islamic Council of Thailand. Thailand MuslimCommunity SpiritualLeader AzizPhitakkumpol CentralIslamicCouncil FuneralRites HatYaiDistrict Songkhla RIP Condolences

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Passing of a Respected Muslim Leader in Thailand

Thailand’s Muslim community is mourning the loss of their spiritual leader, Aziz Phitakkumpol, who served as a senator and chairman of the Central Islamic Council of Thailand. Aziz’s dedication to his community will be remembered during his funeral rites at the central mosque of Songkhla, his native province. ThaiMuslimCommunity AzizPhitakkumpol CentralIslamicCouncil SongkhlaMosque RIPAziz

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Thailand Space Week 2023: A Celebration of Space Technology and Innovation

Discover the latest in space technology and innovation at Thailand Space Week 2023 from Oct 2527 in Bangkok! Register now for expert presentations, interactive exhibits, and networking opportunities with space professionals and enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this exciting event organized by GISTDA! ThailandSpaceWeek2023 SpaceTechnology Innovation GISTDA QueenSirikitNationalConventionCenter Bangkok SpaceEnthusiasts NetworkingOpportunities ExpertPresentations InteractiveExhibits LatestAdvancements RegisterNow

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Thailand to Host FIFA Congress 2024: A New Chapter for ASEAN Football

Exciting news for football fans in Southeast Asia! Bangkok, Thailand has been selected to host the FIFA Congress 2024, bringing together over a thousand delegates from 211 football associations to nominate potential hosts for the FIFA World Cup and propose candidates for the FIFA presidency. This will solidify Thailand’s position as a top destination for international sporting events and boost its economy. Bangkok Thailand FIFAcongress2024 footballfans ASEANregion sportingevents economicboost

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