health fitness

Ko Samui’s Initiative for Youth Health and Fitness

Get your little ones moving and grooving with Ko Samui’s “Happy Kids Exercise” program! Designed for preschoolers, this initiative promotes health and fitness in young children, instilling healthy habits from an early age. Let’s support Ko Samui’s investment in the future generation’s wellbeing! 🌟🏃‍♂️ HealthyKids FitnessForAll KoSamuiInitiative

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youth development sports

Koh Samui’s Initiative for Youth Development Through Sports

“Koh Samui, a stunning destination with beautiful beaches, recently held a sports event to promote youth development and social responsibility. Supported by the local municipality and schools, the event aimed to instill discipline, teamwork, and respect while fighting against drug abuse. 🌴⚽️🏐 KohSamui YouthDevelopment SocialResponsibility UnityAgainstDrugAbuse SportsForWellbeing”

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educational innovation academic exhibition

Sparking Minds: Koh Samui’s Educational Showcase

✨ Get ready for an extraordinary showcase of educational brilliance in the vibrant district of Koh Samui! 🎓 Join us from June 1921, 2024, for a magnificent display of academic contests, artful displays, and vocational presentations that will ignite your passion for learning! ✨ Don’t miss this momentous occasion led by Mr. Pakorn Kanjanopas and a coalition of educational leaders. 🌟 KohSamuiEvent EducationalExhibition AcademicContests ArtfulDisplays VocationalPresentations PassionForLearning SparklingMinds MarkYourCalendars PhotoGallery ExcitementUnleashed

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youth development digital media leaders

Koh Samui’s Initiative for Youth Development

🌟 Koh Samui is paving the way for youth development with an exciting program that combines digital media leadership and political governance. 💻🏛️ Participants in this initiative gain essential digital skills and explore Thailand’s political history, empowering them to become informed and influential leaders of tomorrow. KohSamui YouthDevelopment DigitalLeadership PoliticalGovernance ThailandPolitics InformedLeaders FutureShapers

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drug-free environment substance abuse

Join Teeparat School in their mission to build a safe haven for the youth through the DrugFree Immunity Project. Together, let’s empower students to resist drugs and create a brighter future. DrugFreeImmunityProject TeeparatSchool BuildingABetterFuture YouthEmpowerment SayNoToDrugs CreatingABrighterFuture SafeHavenForYouth FosteringPeacefulSociety

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sex education youth development

Youth Project: Caring for Sex Education

On August 31, 2023, at Theparatpittaya School, a significant event marked the beginning of a new initiative aimed at promoting sex education among the youth. Miss Pimlrat Sotarat, the Director of Theparatpittaya School, was joined by the school’s staff, students, Koh Samui Hospital personnel, municipality council members, and the Public Health and Environment Division to formally inaugurate the “Youth: Caring for Sex Education” project. This ambitious program aims to reach out to 160 students and young individuals.

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youth education

Youth and Innocence, Caring for the Future Project: A Comprehensive Initiative

On August 22, 2013, the Youth and Innocence, Caring for the Future project was inaugurated at Koh Samui School in a ceremony attended by various stakeholders. Mr. Banyat Poolphon, Director of Koh Samui School, presided over the event, which included participants such as teachers, students, Koh Samui Hospital staff, municipal employees, and representatives from the Department of Public Health and Environment. The project aims to reach 250 students and young people, providing valuable resources and guidance.

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sports youth development

Annual Inter-School Sports Competition: Fostering Sportsmanship and Skills in Thai Youth

The importance of sports in shaping young minds and promoting a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated. It is with this spirit that the Thai Government, through the Department of Physical Education, organized an annual interschool sports competition for students under the Koh Samui Municipality in 2013. The event, held at the prestigious Suphachalasai National Stadium, aimed to encourage students to participate in sports, learn the values of sportsmanship, and acquire essential skills in their chosen disciplines.

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