A Divisive Divorce in Thai Politics

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Split between Pheu Thai and MFP

The recent split between Thailand’s two largest parties, Pheu Thai and the Move Forward Party (MFP), may be irreparable, potentially turning the two former allies against each other. According to a political expert, their attempt to forge a coalition was ill-advised from the start, as housing the two nearly equal-sized parties together was neither realistic nor wise.

Pheu Thai has discarded the memorandum of understanding (MoU) that was initiated by the MFP, which set the terms for their coalition government. It appears that Pheu Thai had every intention of using the MoU to its advantage while leaving the MFP behind.

MFP’s Future Challenges

As a result of the split, the MFP may face significant challenges in the future. The party had few friends among other parties participating in the May 14 polls and was prone to being overlooked for a coalition government. Additionally, the MFP’s failed attempt to secure the post of prime minister may put it at odds with its former ally, Pheu Thai.

The MFP now aims to win a landslide victory in the next general election, which is four years away. However, Pheu Thai is unlikely to sit idly by and watch the MFP expand. The party must produce concrete achievements as the ruling party to maintain its support and compete with the younger MFP. This may include modernization efforts and establishing a branch party to appeal to younger voters.

Democrat Party Infighting

The Democrat Party is facing internal strife, which may hinder its chances of joining a coalition government led by Pheu Thai. With two factions battling for party leadership, the discord within the Democrat Party is causing difficulties in establishing a unified front. This internal conflict may become a problem for the coalition if the Democrats join forces with Pheu Thai.

Despite the turmoil, the Democrat Party’s chances of joining Pheu Thai’s coalition are not entirely lost. If the party can resolve its internal disputes, it may be able to provide the necessary support for Pheu Thai’s candidate in the upcoming prime ministerial vote.

The Road Ahead

The political landscape in Thailand remains uncertain, with the rift between Pheu Thai and MFP complicating matters further. Both parties will need to navigate this challenging situation and adapt their strategies to remain competitive in the upcoming elections.