AIA Thailand’s Pioneering Approach Earns Top Honors in Asian Business

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🏆 AIA Thailand and Frasers Property Commercial (Thailand) have been celebrated for their groundbreaking contributions, receiving prestigious awards for innovation and outstanding customer experience. 🌇 As leaders in their field, Frasers Property Commercial is dedicated to building prime-grade office spaces in Bangkok that prioritize customer needs and utilize cutting-edge technology. #AIA #ThailandBusinessScene #InnovationAward #CustomerExperience #FrasersPropertyCommercial #BangkokOfficeSpaces #AdvancedTechnology #ResponsiblePractices

AIA Thailand, a key player in the Asian business arena, has been honored with a significant award for its innovative contributions. The award shines a spotlight on their work, and further establishes AIA Thailand as an innovation leader.

Setting the Standard with Customer Experience

Frasers Property Commercial (Thailand), a leading developer of Grade A commercial and mixed-use properties in Bangkok’s central business district, is a proud recipient of the Customer Experience of the Year Award. The Asian Experience Awards, presented by the distinguished Charlton Media Group, honors organizations delivering exceptional experiences to stakeholders and customers consistently. This accolade is a testament to the company’s commitment to creating inspiring spaces that meet the diverse needs of their customers and building users.

A Portfolio of Prime, Customer-Centric Spaces

Frasers Property Commercial (Thailand) manages a noteworthy portfolio, comprising some of Bangkok’s most famous prime-grade office buildings and mixed-use projects. These include Park Ventures, Sathorn Square, Samyan Mitrtown, FYI Center, and the recently renovated Silom Edge. The company’s mission is to craft spaces that deliver the ultimate customer experience while nurturing a community-focused approach to improve overall quality of life.

Four Pillars of Exceptional Customer Experience

Frasers Property Commercial focuses on four key dimensions to enhance customer experiences:

1. Accessible Infrastructure and Design

In line with its commitment to inclusivity, the company designs its spaces to cater to all individuals, including those using mobility aids.

2. Responsible Practices

All building users can enjoy an improved quality of life, thanks to the company’s responsible and sustainable practices.

3. Technology Integration

Frasers Property Commercial also enhances user experiences by integrating cutting-edge technology to boost tenant productivity.

4. Flexibility in Products and Services

The company ensures the flexibility of its offerings to cater promptly to customers’ unique needs.

Seamless Integration to Meet Diverse Needs

All buildings within Frasers Property Commercial’s portfolio are designed to cater to the needs of all users, including the elderly and individuals with mobility aids. They provide wheelchair services, sloped walkways, accessible parking, and toilets. Retail spaces at Samyan Mitrtown and Silom Edge operate 24/7, catering to the diverse lifestyles of professionals, tourists, and students in the community.

A Technological Leap Forward

Achieving a significant technology milestone, all buildings under Frasers Property Commercial have received WiredScore certification, becoming Thailand’s pioneers in recognizing buildings with future-proof technology infrastructure and top-tier digital connectivity.

Honoring the Dedication to Customer Experience

As the prestigious ‘Customer Experience of the Year’ titleholders, the company remains committed to creating inspiring spaces that cater to all building users’ needs. By integrating thoughtful design, advanced technology, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, Frasers Property Commercial continually delivers customer experiences that exceed all expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What recognition has AIA Thailand recently received in the business sector?

AIA Thailand, a significant player in the Asian business sphere, has been bestowed a notable award for its inventive contributions. This award highlights their work and extols AIA Thailand as an innovation trailblazer.

2. What accolade has Frasers Property Commercial (Thailand) received and for what reasons?

Frasers Property Commercial (Thailand), a preeminent developer of Grade A commercial and mixed-use properties in central Bangkok, has been awarded the ‘Customer Experience of the Year’ by the Asian Experience Awards, presented by Charlton Media Group. This award signifies the company’s commitment to crafting inspiring spaces that fulfill the diverse demands of their customers.

3. How does Frasers Property Commercial strategize to enhance their customer experience?

Frasers Property Commercial centers its customer experiences around four main dimensions: Accessible Infrastructure and Design, Responsible Practices, Technology Integration, and Flexibility in Products and Services. The company is dedicated to creating spaces that are inclusive and sustainable, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and ensuring flexibility in its offerings to promptly cater to customers’ unique needs.