Breast Cancer Screening Project

breast cancer screening dengue fever prevention

The breast cancer screening project was launched on August 8, 2023, with the primary goal of identifying at-risk individuals in the Na Mueang Subdistrict area. Targeting women aged 30 to 70, the project aims to provide knowledge and skills for self-assessment of breast cancer risk. Furthermore, it seeks to identify early-stage breast cancer patients and ensure they receive proper follow-up care, referral, and treatment according to medical standards.

Dengue Fever and Chikungunya Virus Prevention and Control Campaign

Alongside the breast cancer screening project, a campaign focusing on dengue fever and Chikungunya virus prevention and control was introduced. This initiative encourages cooperation between community members and organizations to participate in controlling and preventing dengue fever consistently and continuously. One of the primary goals of the campaign is to reduce the prevalence of Aedes mosquito larvae and ultimately decrease the incidence of dengue fever.

Collaborative Efforts and Financial Support

Both the breast cancer screening project and the dengue fever and Chikungunya virus campaign were submitted by health volunteers from Na Mueang Subdistrict, zone 1. The projects have received financial support and essential equipment from the Koh Samui Municipal Health Insurance Fund. This collaboration between local councils, municipal employees, public health volunteers, and medical professionals ensures that at-risk individuals receive the necessary care and the community as a whole benefits from increased awareness and prevention measures.