Bundarik Youth Camp: A Comprehensive Approach to Combat Drug Addiction

drug addiction prevention youth education

Project Overview

The Bundarik Youth Camp: Far from Drug Addiction is a remarkable initiative aimed at educating and training young students from primary schools to prevent and address drug addiction. The project took place on September 15, 2023, and was held at Bundarikaram School. The camp was a collaborative effort between the school, the Koh Samui Municipality Health Security Fund, and other community stakeholders.

Inauguration and Participants

Suchat Srisai, a committee member of the fund, presided over the opening ceremony of the project. The event saw participation from officials of the Koh Samui Municipality Health Security Fund, teachers, and students, highlighting the community’s commitment to addressing drug addiction.

Target Audience and Funding

Bundarikaram School presented the project to the Koh Samui Municipality Health Security Fund in order to receive funding for this vital initiative. The project successfully targeted 120 primary school students, providing them with valuable resources and support to combat drug addiction.

Education and Training

The primary focus of the Bundarik Youth Camp was to train and educate the participating students about drug addiction prevention and problem-solving skills. The camp imparted crucial knowledge to help the students stay away from harmful substances and build physical and mental immunity.

Long-term Impact

The Bundarik Youth Camp’s comprehensive approach to drug addiction prevention is designed to create a lasting impact on the students’ lives. By instilling the importance of staying away from drugs and equipping them with problem-solving skills, the camp aims to set a strong foundation for the students’ future well-being.

Community Involvement

The collaboration between Bundarikaram School, the Koh Samui Municipality Health Security Fund, and other community stakeholders demonstrates the power of a united effort to combat drug addiction among youth. This partnership not only serves as a testament to the importance of addressing the issue, but also as an example for other communities to follow in their own efforts to promote a drug-free environment for their youth.