Cable Theft Causes Blackout Along Pattaya-Rayong Motorway

cable theft pattaya-rayong motorway

Two Men Arrested for Stealing Power Cables

Highway police in Chon Buri arrested Anulak Obchoo, 35, and Traiphop Buahom, 31, in tambon Huai Yai of Bang Lamung district. The pair were apprehended following arrest warrants issued by the Pattaya Court. At the residence, police discovered approximately 40 kilograms of copper, 100 meters of power cable, and cable cutters.

Previous Attempt Interrupted by Police

In late August, a cable theft attempt by a gang along the Pattaya-Rayong motorway in tambon Nong Prue of Bang Lamung district was interrupted. During the incident, a 38-year-old Lao man named Xammao Boutakeo was arrested, while other members of the gang escaped. Boutakeo implicated the recently arrested Thai men as his superiors in the operation.

Impact of the Theft on the Motorway

The thefts caused a widespread shutdown of the CCTV system along the entire 32 kilometers of the Pattaya-Rayong (Map Ta Phut) motorway. According to the police, the damage amounted to approximately 10 million baht.

Frequency of Cable Theft in the Area

Mr. Anulak allegedly informed the police that the gang had stolen power cables from the motorway in Chon Buri and Rayong provinces approximately 50 times. They sold the extracted copper from the cables to scrap shops, earning about 20,000 baht each time. Authorities are still searching for another member of the gang who remains at large.

Ongoing Investigation and Prevention Efforts

The police are working diligently to apprehend the final member of the gang and prevent further cable thefts along the Pattaya-Rayong motorway. Increased security measures, such as additional patrols and improved surveillance systems, are being considered to deter future theft attempts and ensure the safety of the motorway’s infrastructure.