Celebrate the Wonders of Youth at Koh Samui’s Children’s Day 2024


The dawn of a new year brings the joyous occasion of National Children’s Day, and the Koh Samui City Municipality is set to make it an unforgettable experience for the young and young at heart. With a day packed full of excitement and entertainment, the children of Koh Samui are in for a treat.

A Day of Delight and Entertainment

Mark your calendars for a vibrant Saturday, January 13, 2024, and head to the spacious parking area of Nathon Pier. As the clock strikes eight in the morning, the festivities will commence, welcoming families to a day designed to ignite the imaginations and hearts of children.

An Array of Activities

The event promises a tapestry of activities tailored to captivate the curious minds of kids. They’ll have the chance to meet beloved cartoon mascots, the heroes of their cherished stories, in a thrilling encounter that’s sure to spark smiles and stories of their own.

Interactive Fun and Games

Engagement is key to a memorable Children’s Day, and the event will not disappoint. Children will be encouraged to dive into interactive games that challenge and delight, and quizzes that offer not only amusement but also educational value. With a variety of games to choose from, every child can find something to enjoy and learn from.

Stage Performances to Captivate

The air will be filled with the sounds of laughter and applause as a series of stage performances take center stage. Talented performers are set to deliver a spectacle that will entertain the kids and transport them to a world of wonder.

Prizes Galore

No Children’s Day would be complete without the thrill of winning prizes. The event will feature numerous opportunities to win delightful rewards through games and raffles. The anticipation of grabbing coupons for the grand prize will add an extra layer of excitement to the day’s events.

Join the Festivities

Koh Samui’s Children’s Day celebration is more than just an event; it’s a community gathering that fosters joy and togetherness. This is a heartfelt invitation to all families to come and share in the fun. Let’s make memories that will last a lifetime, surrounded by laughter, treats, and the infectious energy of youth.

Prepare for a day where the wonders of childhood take the spotlight in Koh Samui. With no stone left unturned in planning for engagement, entertainment, and excitement, Children’s Day 2024 is shaping up to be a spectacular celebration for the children of the district and their families.