Chinese Couple Arrested in Thailand for Massive Fraud

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Background: B1.5-billion Fraud Case

A Chinese couple has been apprehended by the Immigration Bureau in Thailand for their alleged involvement in fraudulent investment schemes in China. These schemes reportedly caused damages amounting to over 1.5 billion baht. The arrest was made following a request from Chinese authorities who suspected the couple fled to Thailand after conning their compatriots out of this significant sum.

Arrest Details: Duo Found in Pattaya

Immigration Bureau commissioner Pol Lt Gen Pakphumpipat Sajjapan revealed the news during a briefing about a crackdown on foreign criminals seeking refuge in Thailand. The couple was traced to a hotel in the popular tourist destination, Pattaya. Upon their arrest, their visas were revoked, and they were handed over for further action.

Related Arrests: Concealing Illegal Assets and Visa Overstays

In a separate case, another Chinese national was detained for hiding assets worth 600 million baht. These were reportedly gained from an illegal gambling website operated by her spouse. The 29-year-old woman sought shelter in Thailand, while her husband is believed to have absconded to Singapore.

Additionally, a 37-year-old South Korean man, wanted in his homeland for smuggling methamphetamine, was apprehended for overstaying his visa. His visa had expired in September of the previous year.

Ongoing Efforts: Immigration Police Crackdown on Crime

The arrest of these individuals highlights the ongoing efforts by Thai immigration police to clamp down on foreign criminals attempting to hide in the country. With increased cooperation between international law enforcement agencies, many are hopeful that the success of these operations will continue to deter criminal elements from using Thailand as a safe haven.