Chon Buri Raid: 16 Chinese Nationals Arrested for Suspected Phone Scamming

phone scam chinese nationals

Overview of the Raid

On September 3, 2023, Thai authorities arrested sixteen Chinese nationals in a compound in Bang Lamung district’s tambon Nong Prue, Chon Buri. The suspects, consisting of 12 men and four women, are believed to be members of a phone scam gang. A Thai maid who attended to the properties was also apprehended during the raid.

Tip Prompted the Search

Authorities received a tip that the group of alleged Chinese phone scammers had rented the properties for over three months. This information led the police to search four houses in the compound at 9 am on the day of the raid.

Items Seized in the Raid

During the search, the police confiscated several items, including computers, numerous mobile phones, a safe, and a Toyota Alphard. These items are suspected to be part of the gang’s operations and will likely be used as evidence in the ongoing investigation.

Interrogation and Legal Action

The 16 Chinese nationals and the maid have been taken into custody for further questioning. Legal action will be taken against them following the outcome of the investigation.

Limited Information from the Maid

The Thai maid, identified only as Nee, has reportedly told the police that she had minimal knowledge about the suspects. According to her, each of the tenants was paid 10,000 yuan (48,600 baht) per month, but she did not have any additional information to provide.

The Impact of Phone Scams

This case is just one example of the growing issue of phone scams, which cause financial losses and emotional distress for victims worldwide. Authorities are continually working to apprehend and prosecute those involved in such criminal activities to protect the public and maintain trust in communication systems.