Cyanide Misuse: An Unsettling Investigation into 36 Cases

cyanide investigation

The Cyanide Crisis: A Serial Killer and Beyond

In a shocking turn of events, the Department of Industrial Works has requested legal action against 36 individuals, including the notorious serial killer, Sararat “Aem Cyanide” Rangsiwuthaporn, who has brought attention to the misuse of cyanide. The department filed the request with the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) to look into these breaches of laws regulating the poisonous chemical.

Importers, Dealers, and Users of Cyanide

The group of 36 comprises one importer, four dealers, and 31 users of cyanide. Among these individuals is Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn, who faced indictment last month on a single count of murder. With ongoing reviews of police evidence in 13 other poisoning deaths and one attempted murder, more indictments are expected.

High-Profile Cyanide Use

One high-profile case that surfaced following Sararat’s arrest in April involved actress Preechaya “Ice” Pongthananikorn, who admitted to purchasing cyanide online to keep monitor lizards away from her dogs. The police questioned Preechaya and found no criminal intent behind her actions, according to deputy national police chief Surachate Hakparn.

Legal Action and Investigations

The police Crime Suppression Division, under the CIB, is currently investigating several charges related to cyanide, including illegal possession of a hazardous substance. Individuals suspected of improper or illegal use of the chemical will be called in to acknowledge the charges, stated Pol Col Anek Taosuparp, deputy commander of the division.

Sararat’s Chilling Crimes

Sararat, 36, is reportedly facing over 75 charges, including premeditated murder, attempted murder, theft causing death, and forgery. Her crimes resulted in the deaths of 14 victims and one survivor over eight years, from 2015 to 2023. The extensive case, described as historic by Pol Gen Surachate, took place across seven provinces.

The investigation expanded after Sararat’s arrest on April 25 in connection to the death of Siriporn “Koy” Khanwong, 32, who collapsed and died after making merit by releasing fish with Ms. Sararat. Cyanide was found in the victim’s blood.

The Motive Behind the Murders

Sararat was revealed to be a heavy online gambler, allegedly murdering her victims to steal their money or to free herself from the debts she owed them. Authorities believe she mixed cyanide in the victims’ food, with the exception of one case in which she allegedly sent “diet pills” containing cyanide to her victim, Sawittree Budsrirak, 40, who died in 2020.

Public Safety and Awareness

The recent case of actress Preechaya “Ice” Pongthananikorn, who was cleared of any criminal conduct after purchasing cyanide online, highlights the need for public awareness and tighter regulation of the poisonous chemical. The investigation into these 36 cases is expected to bring attention to the dangers of cyanide misuse and illegal activities involving hazardous substances.