Elderly Scottish Kayaker’s Daring Rescue from Udon Thani Stream

kayaking rescue

A Harrowing Experience

A 77-year-old man from Scotland found himself in a precarious situation when his kayak sank in the Lam Huai Luang stream, Udon Thani, late on Saturday night. The man, identified only as Martin, was swept away by strong currents and ended up stranded on a muddy islet in Muang district.

The Urgent Call for Help

Martin contacted the 191 police radio center around 3 pm on Saturday, informing them that he had been carried away by the stream’s currents after his kayak sank. He was unsure of his whereabouts as he reached out for assistance.

Joining Forces for the Search

Officers from the Na Kha police station, tourist police, rescue workers, and local residents banded together in a search for the elderly Scottish man. After an extensive search, the team eventually located Martin on Nong Bor Khlon islet at around 11 pm on Saturday.

Overcoming Obstacles for the Rescue

The rescue team faced several challenges in their mission to save Martin, including navigating through dense bamboo forests on jetskis. These forests were home to dangerous snakes like pythons, adding to the peril of the operation.

Martin’s Condition and Background

Once rescued, Martin appeared exhausted and had bruises on his legs and body. He was immediately taken to a local hospital for treatment. According to Pol Capt Pongpat Kerkpiboonchai, deputy tourist inspector, Martin’s car was found at Khok Kong village in tambon Sam Phrao of Muang district, about 5 kilometers from where he had been stranded.

Martin revealed that he had been living in the northeastern province of Udon Thani for six years without any family. He enjoyed adventure travel and had been kayaking along the Lam Huai Luang stream on that fateful Saturday.

A Stroke of Luck

Luckily, Martin had brought his mobile phone along on his kayaking trip. The device proved vital in allowing him to contact the authorities and seek help, ultimately resulting in his safe rescue from the muddy islet.