Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Training Program 2023

emergency medical responder training program

Program Overview

The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Training Program for the year 2023 is a comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to handle emergency medical situations effectively. The program, scheduled from September 4-8, 2023, is held at the Rajaphruek Samui Resort Conference Room and is organized by the Public Health and Environment Department.

Theoretical Training Sessions

The first day of the program focuses on theoretical aspects and covers various important topics, including:

Emergency Medical System

Participants learn about the structure and function of the emergency medical system, its components, and the roles and responsibilities of emergency medical responders.

Laws and Medical Ethics

The course introduces the legal framework and ethical considerations that govern emergency medical services, ensuring participants understand and adhere to the necessary regulations and guidelines.

Vital Signs and Monitoring

This section teaches participants how to monitor and evaluate vital signs, such as pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and body temperature, which are crucial for assessing a patient’s condition in an emergency.

Communication in Emergency Medical Systems

Effective communication is essential in emergency medical situations. This part of the course teaches participants how to communicate clearly and efficiently with other healthcare professionals, patients, and their families during medical emergencies.

Basic Drug Usage

The training program also covers the fundamentals of drug administration, including essential medications, dosage calculations, and routes of administration for emergency medical responders.

Expert Guest Speakers

The program features five guest speakers who are experienced professionals in the field of emergency medicine. They are:

  • Ms. Panrudee Nakbamrung, a professional nurse from the Surat Thani Provincial Public Health Office
  • Ms. Premrudee Henaket, a professional nurse from Kian Sa Hospital
  • Ms. Piyamal Mek-Anan, a professional nurse from Kian Cha Hospital
  • Ms. Saowalak Daengnu, a practical nurse from Kian Sa Hospital
  • Ms. Nawaporn Phetthong, a professional nurse from Phanom Hospital

Expected Outcomes

The Public Health Service Center and the Emergency Medical Department of the Public Health and Environment Department believe that the EMR Training Program will provide participants with valuable knowledge and understanding. They also expect participants to develop a positive attitude toward providing referral services. Ultimately, participants should be able to assess situations, care for emergency patients correctly, and communicate and coordinate with higher-level operation teams for support when necessary.