Enhanced Truck-Weighing Technology Planned for Bangkok

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🚛 Bangkok is upgrading its truck-weighing technology to ensure road safety and prevent accidents. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is conducting pilot tests at 10 locations and enforcing stricter regulations at construction sites. Let’s work together to keep our roads safe! 🛣️🚚💪 #BangkokRoadSafety #WeighInMotion #PublicSafety

Introduction to Weigh-in-Motion Technology

Bangkok is set to bolster road safety through the deployment of advanced weighing systems to monitor trucks across the city. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is taking decisive steps following an incident on the bustling Sukhumvit Road, where an overloaded truck was involved in an accident.

BMA’s Proactive Measures

Aekvarunyoo Amarapala, BMA’s spokesperson, announced the city’s commitment to studying and implementing weigh-in-motion technology to prevent future occurrences. This system allows for the assessment of a vehicle’s weight without the need for it to come to a complete stop, thereby streamlining traffic flow and enhancing efficiency in weight regulation enforcement.

Pilot Testing and Full Roll-Out

Before a full-scale rollout, the BMA plans to conduct a pilot test at 10 strategic locations. The objective is to seamlessly integrate this technology into the city’s infrastructure to mitigate the risk of overweight vehicles on the roads.

Construction Sites Oversight

With 317 construction sites under scrutiny, the BMA intends to enforce stricter regulations. If any site is found permitting overweight trucks to enter or exit, it risks losing its construction permit. This measure is part of a broader strategy to ensure compliance with weight limits and to safeguard public safety.

Complaints and Resolutions

The BMA’s Traffy Fondue platform has seen 508 complaints lodged against trucks, with the primary issues being unauthorized operating hours, excessive emissions, and unsecured loads. Out of these, 362 cases have already been addressed, showcasing the administration’s commitment to resolving such matters promptly.

Incident Prompting Action

The incident that accelerated these measures involved a 10-wheeler that caused a concrete slab to collapse, leading to two injuries. This has resulted in legal action against the driver for reckless driving and exceeding legal weight limits. The truck was carrying 37.4 tonnes, significantly over the 25-tonne limit. The police have also extended their investigation to the vehicle’s owner, examining the potential of intentional overloading and illegal modifications.

Legal Implications and Further Investigations

The Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) has filed two charges against the driver and is inspecting the role of the lorry owner. Furthermore, the national police chief has directed a comprehensive investigation into aspects including corruption and the condition of underground structures.

Bribery Allegations and Stickers of Suspicion

A green star-shaped sticker marked with a ‘B’ found on the truck has raised questions about whether it signifies a bribe. An inquiry into the symbol’s meaning is ongoing, with results anticipated shortly. However, Wirachai Sawangkajorn, a transport association leader, suggests that bribery might be a symptom of the intense pressure construction projects are under to meet tight deadlines.

Recent Enforcement Actions

In a separate incident, BMA’s Public Works Department apprehended two overweight lorries in the Bang Khen district. The drivers faced fines, and the lorries were confiscated, underscoring the BMA’s resolve to enforce weight regulations and maintain public safety on the roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Bangkok’s new truck-weighing technology initiative?

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is introducing advanced weigh-in-motion technology to enhance road safety and prevent accidents caused by overloaded trucks. This initiative aims at monitoring the weight of trucks traversing the city and ensuring compliance with weight regulations.

How will the new weigh-in-motion technology be implemented in Bangkok?

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration plans to conduct pilot tests at 10 strategic locations to facilitate the integration of weigh-in-motion systems into the city’s infrastructure. This technology will allow for the assessment of a vehicle’s weight without the need for it to stop, which promotes a smoother traffic flow and more effective enforcement of weight regulations.

What measures are being taken to address the issue of overweight trucks at construction sites?

The BMA is enforcing stricter regulations at the 317 construction sites across Bangkok. If any construction site is found allowing overweight trucks to enter or exit, it faces the possibility of having its construction permit revoked. This is part of a broader strategy to ensure that vehicles comply with weight limits and to safeguard public safety.