Ex-Senator and Four Others Arrested on Child-Sex Charges

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Saraburi Case Involves 15-Year-Old Girl Forced into Prostitution by her Mother

Suspects Facing Charges

An ex-senator and four additional individuals have been arrested and charged with buying sex from a minor in a case involving a 15-year-old girl allegedly forced into prostitution by her mother in Saraburi. The former senator, identified only as Mr. Boonsong, 57, reportedly met with investigators at the Ban Mo police station to acknowledge the charge and was subsequently granted bail.

Other Arrested Suspects

The other four individuals arrested and facing charges are Suriya, a hospital staff member; Pornchai, a contractor from Lop Buri; Decha, a former director of the National Office of Buddhism in Saraburi; and Prasong, a salesman. Mr. Decha was arrested in Ang Thong, while Mr. Prasong was arrested in Nakhon Pathom. Specific details regarding Suriya and Pornchai have not been disclosed.

Insufficient Evidence for Sixth Suspect

Investigators have reportedly collected enough evidence to issue warrants for the arrest of five of the six individuals involved, including Mr. Boonsong. According to Pol Col Somkid Sawisai, head of the investigation division at the Saraburi provincial police, there was not enough evidence against the sixth suspect to issue an arrest warrant.

Confessions and Bail

Pol Col Somkid revealed that some of the accused did not fully admit to the charge, while others confessed entirely. All suspects were released after being granted bail.

Mother to be Arrested for Child Prostitution and Illegal Entry

The investigation began when the girl’s father and one of her teachers filed a complaint with the Saraburi police against the mother, who allegedly forced her daughter into prostitution last year. The mother, identified only as Mamiao, is expected to be arrested on charges of child prostitution and illegal entry.

Victim Identifies Clients

Mamiao reportedly brought her daughter to work at the resort where she was employed as a housemaid, charging clients between 1,500 to 2,000 baht each time. The victim was able to identify all the clients who had sex with her, including Mr. Boonsong and Mr. Decha.