Ex-Wife Detained in Chilling Murder Case Involving Children

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The Arrest and Detainment

Jessada Meepian, the 33-year-old ex-wife of Songsak Songsaeng, a man accused of killing five children born to two of his four spouses, has been detained by the Criminal Court. She was arrested in connection with the deaths of four sons and faces multiple charges. These include colluding in physical abuse causing serious injury, colluding in physical abuse causing death, and concealment or destroying bodies, among others.

Jessada was taken to the Central Women’s Correctional Institute after her arrest. The court approved a police request to detain her for 12 days while they continue to question witnesses and await forensic results.

Background of the Case

Songsak Songsaeng, a 46-year-old, is currently in custody along with his present wife, Sunan Nahuanin, 40, for allegedly killing their 2-year-old daughter. During questioning, he reportedly admitted to killing four sons born to Jessada.

The couple’s arrest began when social media influencer Kanthat Pongpaiboonvej took police to help two girls who neighbors reported were physically assaulted by their father, Songsak. A police investigation found that the couple had also assaulted their 2-year-old daughter, causing her death. The child’s body was found buried and covered with concrete at Sunan’s house in Kamphaeng Phet.

The Gruesome Details

The investigation revealed that Songsak also physically assaulted children born to Jessada. She had five children with him and reportedly implicated him in the killing of four of them, all boys. During questioning, he claimed he did not like boys or the noises of children crying.

Police investigators found evidence that Jessada colluded in the crimes, including multiple instances of abuse and concealment of the bodies. The couple reportedly disposed of their deceased children’s bodies in various locations over the years.

Surviving children have reported physical abuse by their mother, Jessada, as well.

Another Ex-Wife’s Perspective

In a new development, another former wife of Songsak, identified as Jittra, 38, has come forward, expressing shock at learning about the crimes her ex-husband is accused of committing. Jittra and Songsak lived together 14 years ago and had no children. She described him as being prone to jealousy, which would lead to bouts of anger and physical assault towards her. Jittra has since moved on to a new family and wants to divorce Songsak.

The Investigation Continues

As the case continues to unravel, police are working on gathering more information, questioning witnesses, and examining forensic evidence. With this case capturing national attention, it remains to be seen what further developments will emerge in this chilling tale of abuse and murder.