Expanding Communication: Koh Samui’s Innovative Approach

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Koh Samui City Municipality is taking significant strides in enhancing its communication with citizens. Recognizing the importance of staying connected and informed, the municipality has introduced an advanced system to keep residents updated on the latest news and municipal services.

Embracing Technology for Better Engagement

In a world where digital platforms become the norm for information dissemination, Koh Samui City Municipality has embraced technology to reach out to its community effectively. By utilizing the popular LINE app, they’re tapping into a channel that is both accessible and widely used by the general population.

How to Connect with Koh Samui City Municipality on LINE

Connecting with the municipality has never been easier, and residents are encouraged to take advantage of this digital leap. The process is straightforward and offers three different methods tailored to individual preferences and technological comfort levels.

Scan the QR Code

For a quick and hassle-free experience, scanning the provided QR code with a smartphone will immediately lead to the municipality’s LINE account, enabling instant access to information.

Add by LINE ID

Residents can use the LINE ID feature and search for @kohsamuicity to find and add the municipality as a friend, opening the doors to a wealth of resources and support.

Use the Direct Link

For those who prefer a direct approach, simply clicking on the provided link (https://lin.ee/XVr0bof) will guide users straight to the municipality’s LINE page.

Comprehensive Services at Your Fingertips

The introduction of these channels is more than just a way to distribute news; it’s a gateway to a myriad of essential services provided by the municipality. This initiative encompasses everything from electronic services to tax collection procedures, ensuring that every resident has the tools they need to manage their civic responsibilities effortlessly.

Staying Informed and Safe

Apart from administrative services, the Koh Samui City Municipality LINE account also offers real-time CCTV traffic viewing options. This feature is incredibly useful for residents planning their commute, ensuring they can avoid congested routes and stay safe on the roads.

An Iconic Move Towards Digitalization

With eight main menu icons to choose from, the Municipality’s LINE account is an example of how local governments can leverage digital tools to enhance the quality of public services. Every icon represents a different service, all designed to meet the community’s evolving needs.


Koh Samui City Municipality’s adoption of LINE as an information and service channel reflects a commitment to progress and citizen engagement. By providing a user-friendly platform, the municipality is setting a standard for accessible and responsive governance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using the LINE app to connect with Koh Samui City Municipality?

For a seamless connection with Koh Samui City Municipality via the LINE app, you have three convenient options:

  1. Scan the QR Code: Simply scan the provided QR code using your smartphone for immediate redirection to the municipality’s LINE account.
  2. Add by LINE ID: Search for @kohsamuicity in the LINE app and add the municipality as a friend to access their services and support.
  3. Use the Direct Link: Click on the provided link at https://lin.ee/XVr0bof to go directly to the municipality’s LINE page.

What kind of services can I access through Koh Samui City Municipality’s LINE account?

Once you’ve connected with Koh Samui City Municipality on LINE, an array of comprehensive services awaits at your fingertips:

  • Electronic Services: Manage your civic duties such as tax payments and documentation digitally.
  • Real-Time Traffic Viewing: Access CCTV views to plan your routes and avoid congestion.
  • Latest News and Updates: Stay informed about what’s happening in Koh Samui.

These services are designed to make the management of your civic responsibilities as effortless as possible, all within the convenience of your smartphone.

Why has Koh Samui City Municipality chosen to use the LINE app for communication and services?

Koh Samui City Municipality has recognized the need for a modern approach to engage and communicate with the community effectively. With the LINE app’s widespread use and accessibility, it provides an ideal platform for:

  • Instant Communication: Offering real-time updates and support to residents.
  • Accessible Governance: Facilitating easier access to municipal services and information.
  • Smart City Initiative: Reflecting a commitment to digitalization and progress.

By embracing technology, Koh Samui City Municipality is setting a new standard for responsive governance and enhancing the quality of public services for its citizens.