Fugitive from Gold Shop Robbery Captured in South Korea

gold shop robbery

Arrest and Extradition

Sunthorn Pinnak, a 33-year-old man connected to a gold shop robbery in Pattaya, was apprehended in South Korea after nearly a year on the run. Pinnak, who carried a bounty of 80,000 baht and was number 50 on a police blacklist, was also wanted under an Interpol Red Notice for robbery. The arrest took place in Taean-gun of Chungcheongnam-do province on September 7. Subsequently, a team of Thai police flew to South Korea to extradite Pinnak back to Thailand on September 18, as reported by Pol Maj Gen Itthiporn Phorthong, deputy chief of Police Region 2.

The Robbery Incident

The gold shop robbery occurred at the Aurora gold shop in Lotus’s in Pattaya on the night of November 9 last year. A lone man entered the shop and requested to view a three-baht-weight gold necklace. After wandering around the store multiple times, the man brandished a gun, threatening the shop employees. He then managed to grab gold ornaments from two trays, totaling 34-baht-weight of gold worth 1.07 million baht, before fleeing the scene.

Tracing the Suspect

In their efforts to identify and locate the thief, the police examined over 150 surveillance cameras spanning a 210-kilometer escape route. Through this thorough investigation, they gathered crucial evidence, such as details on the weapon used by the suspect, which eventually led to the discovery of the perpetrator’s identity.

Fugitive’s Life in South Korea

Investigators found that Pinnak had fled to South Korea on December 8, and his visa had expired on March 8. Living and working illegally in Pocheon town, Pinnak managed to elude capture for quite some time. However, through the cooperation of Interpol, a Red Notice was issued for his arrest. Thai officers based in South Korea, Interpol, and South Korean police worked closely together to arrest Pinnak, who had been employed as a laborer at a chemical-free vegetable garden in Chungcheongnam-do.

Suspect’s Confession

Upon questioning, Sunthorn Pinnak admitted that he had been attempting to evade arrest and avoid punishment for his crime. He has now been brought back to Thailand to face charges related to the gold shop robbery.


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