Green light for Leeds Kirkgate Market hotel scheme

city centre revitalization strategic development plan

🏨 Exciting news for Leeds! The city council has approved a new hotel and gym project next to the iconic Leeds Kirkgate Market, operated by Premier Inn. With 143 rooms, a bar, and a restaurant, this initiative aims to enhance the market area and improve community welfare through accessible fitness facilities. 🌇 Joining forces with locals, the council’s plan to revitalize the city center is underway, creating new job opportunities and promoting growth. Don’t miss out on this exciting development! #LeedsNews #PremierInn #CityRevitalization #CommunityWelfare #JobOpportunities

City Centre Revitalization
The heart of Leeds is poised for a significant transformation with the revitalization of the area adjacent to the historic Leeds Kirkgate Market. The local council has successfully obtained approval for a multipurpose project that promises a new hotel and gym facility.

Strategic Development Plan
In August, a strategic development plan was submitted to enhance the George Street side of the Grade I listed market building. This initiative received unanimous backing from the city plans panel, setting the stage for construction to commence in the following year. Premier Inn has been confirmed as the hotel operator, having signed a pre-let lease with Leeds City Council.

Enhancing Health and Community Welfare
The project’s scope extends beyond offering lodging; it strives to improve community welfare by incorporating a council-run public gym. This facility is anticipated to provide city dwellers and workers with accessible, top-tier health and fitness amenities. The development is part of the council’s broader vision to maintain the market’s celebrated status and invigorate the locale with additional foot traffic.

Regenerating George Street
The George Street area has witnessed a remarkable transformation, becoming a hub with the Victoria Gate shopping precinct, the revamped Leeds Playhouse, and the Quarry Hill campus of Leeds City College. This new scheme aims to contribute another layer of vibrancy and economic activity to the thriving cultural and retail landscape.

Economic Impact and Job Creation
This six-story development is set to occupy a site that currently houses vacant retail units. The hotel will host 143 rooms spread over five floors, complete with a bar and restaurant catering explicitly to guests. The ground level will feature an assortment of commercial spaces alongside the gym, predicted to generate around 50 local jobs post-completion and support approximately 80 jobs during the construction phase.

Investing in the Market’s Future
Leeds City Council has demonstrated its commitment to the market through a series of upgrades and supportive measures. This includes the restoration of the ancient ‘blockshops’, financial assistance for traders during the pandemic, and the establishment of the Market Kitchen street food hall. Plans are underway to further augment the market’s appeal with a new ‘container-style’ food village, expected to drive additional patronage to the outdoor trading area.

Community and Economic Benefits
The scheme is a strategic effort to intertwine historic preservation with modern amenities. It’s designed to draw visitors, support local businesses, and uphold the market’s role as a cornerstone of Leeds’ retail heritage. The development reflects the council’s dedication to fostering a vibrant, attractive city centre that serves as a nexus for commerce, culture, and community engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Leeds Kirkgate Market hotel scheme approved by the city council?

The newly approved hotel and gym project near Leeds Kirkgate Market, operated by Premier Inn, features a 143-room hotel with a bar and restaurant. The development includes a council-run public gym aimed at enhancing community welfare and fostering accessible fitness opportunities for the public. This multipurpose initiative is part of a broader plan to revitalize the city center, with the hotel being a six-story development that promises economic growth and job opportunities.

How will the new development next to Leeds Kirkgate Market benefit the local community and economy?

The development will significantly boost the local community and economy by creating approximately 50 jobs once the hotel and gym are operational, and supporting around 80 jobs during the construction phase. It is designed to increase foot traffic, thereby invigorating the locale and supporting local businesses. The project will also contribute to the ongoing transformation of the George Street area, reinforcing its status as a vibrant cultural and retail hub. Moreover, the council has shown a commitment to investing in the market’s future through various supportive measures and upgrades, which will continue to drive patronage and preserve the market’s rich retail heritage.

What enhancements to the Leeds Kirkgate Market area are included in the city council’s strategic development plan?

The strategic development plan for the Leeds Kirkgate Market area includes several enhancements designed to preserve its historic significance while introducing modern amenities. These include the construction of a new hotel and gym facility, regeneration of the George Street area into a bustling hub, and the creation of a ‘container-style’ food village to augment the market’s appeal. Leeds City Council has also undertaken restoration of the ‘blockshops’, financial assistance for traders during challenging times, and the establishment of the Market Kitchen street food hall as part of their commitment to invest in and support the market’s future.