Harley Riders Salute the King

harley-davidson king

On June 26, 2023, around a thousand Harley-Davidson owners came together in Bangkok to display their loyalty to His Majesty the King in anticipation of his upcoming birthday on July 28.

Gathering of the Immortals Thailand Club

Santhaya Phoket, president of the Immortals Thailand club, reported that the gathering took place at the Thai-Japanese youth center in Din Daeng district. Motorcycle enthusiasts and fans alike brought their Harley motorcycles to this event, where they formed a message reading “Long Live the King.” This heartfelt tribute was shown to honor His Majesty, who will celebrate his 71st birthday next month.

Notable Attendees

Several well-known personalities joined the event, including actors Baromvudh “Mick” Hiranyasthiti, Patinya “Boat” Vibulnan, and Somchai “Tao” Kemklad. Artist Manatsawin “Tik Shiro” Nanthasen also attended along with military figures Maj Gen Winthai Suvaree, secretary-general of the Internal Security Operations Command, and Col Wanchana Sawatdee. These soldiers were featured in the popular King Naresuan films.

Santhaya emphasized that this year’s event was a special one, as it aimed to show that the club maintains its loyalty to the nation, religion, and the monarch. He clarified that this gathering had no political angle or hidden agenda.

Supporting the King and His Legacy

This unique gathering of Harley-Davidson owners highlights the dedication and loyalty shown by Thai citizens towards their King. The event allowed enthusiasts to come together and display their respect for His Majesty, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness among the participants.

By forming the message “Long Live the King,” these motorcycle owners have not only shown their admiration for the King but have also contributed to a strong sense of national pride. With a successful turnout and a clear message of loyalty, this event will likely be remembered as a significant gesture of support for the Thai monarchy.

A Lasting Tradition

The gathering of Harley-Davidson owners in Bangkok is an example of the deep-rooted traditions and love for the monarchy held by Thai citizens. As His Majesty the King turns 71, it’s evident that this respect and loyalty will endure, ensuring that events like these will continue to be a testament to the bond between the people and their King.