Health Screening Services for Foreign Workers in Surat Thani

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Surat Thani, renowned for its picturesque islands and vibrant community, is taking another positive step in promoting public health and safety. The Surat Thani Provincial Public Health Office has joined forces with the well-respected Kanjanadit Hospital to bring forth an essential service for the community.

Comprehensive Health Checks on Offer

Accessibility for All

It’s a special event that casts a wide net of inclusivity. Foreign workers from all walks of life, regardless of industry or occupation, are invited to participate. By setting no restrictions on the number of participants, the initiative underscores its commitment to widespread healthcare access.

A One-Day Health Event

Mark your calendars! On January 19, 2024, this exclusive health check-up event is scheduled for a single day of focused and efficient service. The importance of early detection and prevention in health cannot be overstated, and this event aims to address that need head-on.

Event Location and Timing

Set Against a Scenic Backdrop

Phru Chaweng, located in the Bo Phut Sub-district on the island of Ko Samui, will host this significant event. The serene setting promises a calm atmosphere for participants as they go through their health assessments.

Service Hours

From the morning bustle to the mid-afternoon lull, the services will be available from 08:30 to 15:00 hrs. This window ensures that workers have ample opportunity to attend, even with varying work schedules.

Important Details for Participants

Fees and Documentation

While the announcement highlights the openness of the event, there are practicalities to consider. Participants will need to be cognizant of the fees involved and the documentation required for the health check-up. Clear guidelines have been laid out to streamline the process, ensuring a smooth experience for all attendees.

Preparing for the Health Check-Up

Those interested in attending are encouraged to review the attached picture for detailed information on costs and necessary documents. Preparation will facilitate a hassle-free visit, allowing healthcare professionals to provide the best service possible.

Embracing Health and Wellness

This initiative reflects the dedication to health and wellness that Surat Thani and its partners, including Kanjanadit Hospital, have cultivated. It’s a testament to the collaborative spirit between the public health sector and the community it serves.

Participants can look forward to a day of professional health services, aimed at ensuring the well-being of Surat Thani’s diverse workforce. This one-day event is not just a health check-up—it’s a bold statement in favor of accessible healthcare for all.