Honest Taxi Driver Returns Wallet with Over 370,000 Baht

honesty taxi driver

A Commendable Act by a Bangkok Taxi Driver

An exemplary act of honesty occurred last Saturday when taxi driver Pornsak Phunee returned a wallet containing a significant sum of money to a Bangladeshi tourist. The wallet, which was left in Pornsak’s cab, contained over 370,000 baht in foreign currencies, photos, and a credit card belonging to Jahirul Islam Munshi.

Wallet Discovered in Yellow-Green Taxi

Pornsak discovered the wallet after a passenger found it in the backseat of his yellow-green taxi. Upon inspection, he found US$10,500 (368,000 baht) and 7,050 Indian rupees (3,000 baht) in cash, along with the credit card and some photographs. He also remembered driving three foreign tourists from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the India Emporium department store in Bangkok’s Phahurat neighborhood earlier that day.

Taxi Driver’s Dedication to Reuniting Lost Items with Owners

Pornsak, who has worked as a taxi driver for over ten years, often alerts the traffic radio station FM91 Traffipro whenever he finds items left by passengers in his car. This practice is part of his ongoing efforts to return lost belongings to their rightful owners. On Monday, with the help of FM91 Traffipro executives Jaitana Sriwangpol and Sakon Thawornkarn, Pornsak returned the wallet and its contents to Mr. Munshi at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters.

Grateful Tourist Overjoyed by Honest Gesture

Upon receiving his lost wallet, Mr. Munshi expressed immense gratitude towards Pornsak and the radio station for their efforts in returning his belongings. He referred to Pornsak as his “brother” and shared his happiness and amazement at the heartwarming incident.

Pornsak’s selfless act has earned him widespread praise and serves as a reminder of the importance of honesty and kindness in our daily lives. His dedication to returning lost items to their owners not only solidifies his reputation as a trustworthy taxi driver but also reflects positively on the city of Bangkok.