Hostage Rescued at Police Checkpoint in Bangkok

police abduction

Dramatic Rescue on a Late-night Checkpoint

In a harrowing turn of events, a man being held hostage managed to call for help as the car he was in approached a police checkpoint in Bangkok’s Min Buri district. The police officers, who were manning a drink driving test point on Rom Klao Road, heard the cry for help around 12:30 am and proceeded to pull over both the Chevrolet car with the hostage and the Toyota car following behind it.

The quick response of the police led to the arrest of the five alleged abductors, who were traveling in the two vehicles. They also seized six guns and 61 rounds of ammunition from the cars.

Abduction and Threats

The rescued man, identified as 40-year-old Uthen, recounted the terrifying experience to the police. He said that two of the five suspects approached him while he was eating at a restaurant in the Rom Klao area, brandishing guns. They forcibly dragged him into their car and threatened to kill him. Despite knowing one of the gang members, Uthen claimed to have no prior disputes with them.

Desperate Cry for Help

As the abductors drove off with Uthen, he noticed they were approaching a police checkpoint. Seizing the opportunity, he shouted desperately for help, which ultimately led to his rescue. He expressed overwhelming gratitude towards the police officers for their timely intervention.

Suspects Detained and Charges Filed

The arrested abductors, identified as Nukul, 41, Montri, 37, Wissanu, 33, Ekkapong, 37, and Arthit, 41, attempted to flee when traffic police closed in on their vehicles but were quickly captured. Although the suspects admitted to knowing the victim, they have yet to reveal any further details regarding the abduction.

Following the dramatic rescue, Uthen underwent a medical examination at a local hospital. His relatives have since filed a complaint at Rom Klao police station against the suspects, accusing them of physical assault and illegal detention.

Initial Charges and Further Investigation

Min Buri police plan to press initial charges of illegal possession of weapons against the suspects, according to Pol Col Jamorn Thongphan, superintendent of Traffic Police Sub-division 1. The suspects are currently being detained at Min Buri police station, pending further questioning and investigation into the abduction incident.