Improved Visa Policies to Boost Tourism and Investment between China and Thailand

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Chinese Ambassador Supports New Visa Privileges

Chinese Ambassador to Thailand, Han Zhiqiang, has expressed his support for the new government’s policies regarding visa privileges for Chinese visitors. This move is expected to stimulate tourism and investment between the two countries. Mr. Han discussed the visa measures during an orientation for the 18th Mandarin for Government Officers Workshop, organized by the Thai-Chinese Cultural Relationship Council (TCCRC) and the King Prajadhipok’s Institute. Pol Lt Gen Pitak Jarusombat, deputy president of the TCCRC, also attended the event.

Easing Visa Rules for Mutual Benefit

The authorities of both countries are currently considering measures to ease visa rules for Chinese nationals applying for Thai visas. These measures aim to encourage tourism and investment ahead of the peak season at the end of the year. China has already seen an increase in the number of tourists after relaxing its immigration measures, with a growing number of Thai citizens obtaining Chinese visas of all types.

Mr. Han noted that the visa application process for Thais can be lengthy due to the requirement to submit biometric data. To address this issue, Chinese authorities have implemented several changes, such as discontinuing fingerprint collection and increasing overtime officers, to expedite visa approvals from 18 days to within two weeks in some cases.

Thailand: A Top Destination for Chinese Tourists

Thailand is considered a top destination among Chinese tourists, and many Thai business owners eagerly anticipate welcoming large groups of Chinese visitors. According to Mr. Han, both countries’ authorities will discuss further easing the visa process and improving safety measures for their citizens in the future.

Workshop Attendees to Study in China

The Mandarin for Government Officers Workshop has 45 attendees who are set to depart for China on September 9. They will study at the Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College for one year, marking the highest number of participants in similar workshops. Pol Lt Gen Pitak expressed his gratitude to Beijing for providing scholarships for Thai officials to study Mandarin in China.