Kayak Found: Key Evidence in Koh Phangan Murder Case

murder kayak


A shocking murder on the popular Thai island of Koh Phangan has made headlines as police find the kayak believed to have been used by the alleged killer, Spanish chef Daniel Sancho Bronchalo. The 29-year-old is accused of murdering his Colombian lover, Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, 44, and dismembering his body.

Gruesome Discovery

On Thursday, trash collectors found body parts, including a sawed-off pelvis and intestines, inside a fertilizer sack at a garbage dump in Moo 4 of Koh Phangan. The gruesome discovery led to the arrest of Bronchalo, who was taken to the Koh Phangan police station for questioning on Friday.

Initially, Bronchalo denied involvement in the crime. However, he later confessed to killing his Colombian lover and dismembering his body in a hotel room. According to the suspect, he placed parts of the body in a fertilizer sack and left it at the garbage dump. The rest of the remains were stuffed into a suitcase, which Bronchalo took out to sea in a kayak before dumping it overboard.

The Kayak and Its Owners

On Saturday, police found a kayak on Salat beach, about 300 meters from the hotel where the murder took place. It is believed to be the boat used by the Spanish chef to dispose of the suitcase containing the body parts.

Two women, identified as Tuk and Kanda, were taken in for questioning as the owners of the kayak. The women revealed that on Tuesday, Bronchalo had come to their shop and insisted on renting a boat. Despite their initial refusal, citing safety concerns for using the boat at night, the man persisted, offering to buy the kayak for 1,000 US dollars. Eventually, the women agreed to the sale.

Background of the Suspect and Victim

Daniel Sancho Bronchalo is the son of Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho Aguirre and actress Silvia Bronchalo. As a well-known chef in Spain, he also had a YouTube channel showcasing his culinary skills.

Edwin Arrieta Arteaga was a successful cosmetic surgeon based in Monteria, Colombia, a large city in the northwest of the South American country. The two were believed to have been involved in a romantic relationship.

Investigation Continues

The discovery of the kayak is a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the chilling murder on Koh Phangan. With the suspect’s confession and the evidence found so far, the authorities are working diligently to uncover further details and bring closure to this tragic case.