Koh Samui Celebrates Mother’s Day with Alms-Giving Ceremony

mother's day alms-giving ceremony

Commemorating Queen Sirikit’s Birthday

The 12th of August, 2023, marked a significant event in Koh Samui, Thailand. The island came together to honor Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s birthday anniversary, a day that is also celebrated as the national Mother’s Day. The event took place at the Kanchanaphisek Meeting Hall, situated in Koh Samui District.

United in Celebration

A diverse group of attendees, including Koh Samui City Municipality executives, Municipal Council members, heads of government agencies, and officials, were present to partake in the day’s activities. The celebration aimed to show respect and admiration for Queen Sirikit, as well as to recognize the importance of motherhood in Thai culture.

Alms-Giving Ceremony

The highlight of the day was the alms-giving ceremony, a traditional merit-making practice in Buddhist culture. Mr. Chayaphon Intarasupha, the Koh Samui District Chief, led the proceedings. The ceremony involved attendees offering alms, typically in the form of food and essentials, to the monks as a sign of devotion and reverence.

Participation from Various Sectors

An impressive turnout was seen at the event, with civil servants, state enterprise employees, private sector representatives, and members of the public joining the ceremony. Their collective presence underscored the importance of unity in honoring the nation’s traditions and embracing the spirit of Mother’s Day.

Cultural Significance

In Thailand, alms-giving is a revered practice, symbolizing the act of giving back to the community and cultivating good karma. This particular ceremony provided an opportunity for participants to pay their respects to Queen Sirikit, who has played a significant role in Thailand’s history, while also celebrating the values of love, care, and sacrifice that mothers embody.

Koh Samui Embraces the Spirit of Mother’s Day

The event at Kanchanaphisek Meeting Hall demonstrated the strong sense of community and respect for tradition that Koh Samui residents possess. As attendees gathered to offer alms and pay tribute to Queen Sirikit, the island came together to celebrate not only the beloved queen’s birthday but also the essence of motherhood and the profound impact mothers have on their families and society.