Koh Samui City Focuses on Plastic Waste Management

plastic waste management sustainable practices

An Overview of the Consultation Meeting

On August 30, 2023, a significant consultation meeting took place at the Mook Samui meeting room within the Koh Samui City Municipality. The event was presided over by Miss Supinya Sri Thongkul, the Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui City. The primary focus of the gathering revolved around the Global South project, specifically addressing plastic waste management.

Collaboration with Government Agencies and Midori Network FZE LLC

The meeting was attended by various heads of government agencies and officials representing the Department of Public Health and Environment. In an effort to push the waste management initiative forward, they joined forces with Midori Network FZE LLC, a prominent organization in the field. Leading the Midori Network team were Mr. Dmitry Fokin and Mr. Fedor Smirnov, both serving as CEOs of the company. Ms. Uma Keawsom, the Founder Director of Maraleina Sport Resort Koh Samui, was also present at the event.

The Aim: Reducing Plastic Waste and Creating Value

Discussions during the consultation centered on plastic waste management strategies within the community. The primary goal was to formulate a plan for reducing plastic waste, while simultaneously exploring ways to create value from the waste materials. This approach emphasizes eco-friendly solutions and long-term sustainable practices for waste management.

Solutions and Strategies Explored

The participants engaged in an in-depth analysis of various strategies and techniques for plastic waste management, such as:

  • Implementing waste segregation at the source
  • Encouraging the use of reusable bags and containers
  • Raising public awareness through educational campaigns
  • Establishing recycling centers within the community
  • Exploring innovative methods for converting plastic waste into valuable products

Future Implications for Koh Samui Community

The outcome of this consultation meeting is expected to have a substantial impact on how the Koh Samui community views and manages plastic waste. By working together with government agencies, private organizations, and the community itself, the hope is to foster a sustainable future where plastic waste is minimized, and its value is maximized.