Koh Samui City Municipality: Embracing Technology for Better Communication

technology communication

The Koh Samui City Municipality takes a significant step towards modernizing its communication channels by making use of the popular messaging app, LINE. This move aims to simplify and streamline the process of sharing information and news with the citizens.

Connecting with the Municipality via LINE

To get started, citizens need to download the LINE application on their smartphones and add the official Koh Samui City Municipality account as a friend. The municipality offers three convenient methods for users to add them:

1. Scan the QR Code

You can simply scan the provided QR code using the in-app QR code scanner. This will automatically connect you with the municipality’s LINE account.

2. Search for the LINE ID

Another option is to search for the LINE ID @kohsamuicity within the app, and add the official account from the search results.

3. Use the Direct Link

Alternatively, you can follow this link to directly access the Koh Samui City Municipality’s LINE account: https://lin.ee/XVr0bof

A Wide Range of Services at Your Fingertips

Once connected, citizens gain access to a plethora of information and services via the Koh Samui City Municipality’s LINE account. Some of the key services include:

Electronic Services

The municipality aims to provide easy access to various electronic services through the LINE platform. This may include applying for or renewing licenses, reporting issues, or accessing other essential public services.

Tax Collection

The LINE account simplifies the tax collection process, allowing citizens to receive notifications and reminders about their dues. It also offers the convenience of making online payments, thus ensuring timely tax compliance.

Contacting the Municipality

LINE provides an efficient and user-friendly channel for citizens to contact the municipality directly. Users can send inquiries, report issues, or provide feedback through the messaging platform.

Traffic Monitoring through CCTV Cameras

Another valuable feature offered by the Koh Samui City Municipality’s LINE account is the ability to view real-time traffic updates through CCTV cameras installed across the city. This helps users plan their travel and avoid congested areas.

Eight Main Menu Icons for Easy Navigation

The Koh Samui City Municipality has designed its LINE account to be user-friendly by organizing the available services under eight main menu icons. This intuitive interface allows citizens to quickly access the information they need.