Koh Samui District Celebrates Her Majesty Queen Sutida’s Birthday

koh samui her majesty queen sutida

Koh Samui, a beautiful district in Surat Thani Province, has planned a series of events to honor Her Majesty Queen Sutida Patcharasutapimonlak on the occasion of her birthday. These festivities will take place on Saturday, June 3, 2017, at the Kanchanapisek Meeting Hall located in Moo 3, Ang Thong Subdistrict.

Scheduled Activities

The day’s celebrations will include the following ceremonies:

Merit-making ceremony – offering alms to monks (07:30 am)

The day will begin with a merit-making ceremony, during which participants will have the opportunity to offer alms to monks, symbolizing their devotion and respect for the Queen.

Ceremony to present royal decorations and offerings (06:00 pm)

In the evening, there will be a formal ceremony to present royal decorations and offerings. This event will showcase the community’s appreciation for Her Majesty’s contributions to the nation.

Candle lighting ceremony – offering auspicious blessings (07:19 pm)

Following the presentation of decorations, participants will gather for a candle lighting ceremony. The event will serve as a collective expression of good wishes and blessings for the Queen.

Join the Celebrations

Koh Samui District cordially invites various units, organizations, companies, officials, and the general public to partake in these meaningful activities. This collaboration aims to foster a spirit of unity and support for the Queen’s continued service to the nation.

Dress Code Guidelines

To maintain a respectful atmosphere, the following dress codes have been laid out for attendees:

  • Civilian government officials/state enterprise employees: Regular white uniform without a hat
  • Military/police officers: Regular white uniform without a hat, along with a sword and gloves
  • Royal volunteers: Royal volunteer uniform
  • Private organizations, students: Uniform of the organization or traditional Thai Amarin attire in purple tones
  • General public: Thai dress or polite attire in purple tones

Through these events, the Koh Samui District aims to express their admiration and gratitude for Her Majesty Queen Sutida Patcharasutapimonlak. It is a unique opportunity for the community to come together in celebration of the Queen’s birthday and appreciate her contributions to the country.