Koh Samui Municipality and Bangkok Airways Collaborate on Mangrove Planting Initiative

koh samui municipality bangkok airways

Event Overview

Koh Samui Municipality, in collaboration with Bangkok Airways, organized an eco-friendly event called “Conserving the Earth, Planting Mangrove Forests with Bangkok Airways.” This initiative took place on May 24, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. in the Ban Bang Rak Community, Village No. 4, Bophut Sub-district, Koh Samui District, Surat Thani Province. The event aimed to engage various stakeholders in efforts to preserve and restore mangrove forests and improve environmental awareness within the community.

Key Participants

Mr. Sutham Samthong, the Deputy Mayor of Koh Samui, was one of the prominent figures present at the opening of the event. Other attendees included the Koh Samui District Clerk, management team, and employees of Bangkok Airways Co., Ltd. The gathering also had local volunteers, teachers and students from the Ban Bang Rak School, and other honorable guests from the public sector.

Collaboration Between Government and Private Entities

The Division of Public Health and Environment of Koh Samui Municipality played a vital role in integrating government agencies with Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited. This partnership brought together stakeholders from the government, private sectors, communities, and network partners in a joint effort to protect and preserve the environment.

Objectives and Outcomes

The main objectives of the mangrove planting event were:

  • To preserve and restore mangrove forests in the area
  • To enhance environmental awareness and encourage participation among local residents
  • To protect and maintain the community’s surroundings
  • To improve the community’s overall scenery
  • To support sustainable conservation of nature and the environment

By accomplishing these objectives, the event aimed to foster an ongoing commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices among the participants and the broader community.