Koh Samui Municipality Council Meeting

koh samui municipality council

The Koh Samui Municipality Council has scheduled its 3rd ordinary session for the 1st meeting of the year on Friday, August 18, 2023. The meeting will take place at the Koh Samui Municipal Council Meeting Room, beginning at 13:30 hrs.

Agenda Highlights

During the council meeting, various important topics will be discussed, including the approval of budget allocations, transfers, and subsidies for different sectors. The main points on the agenda are as follows:

Draft Municipal Budget Expenditure Law for the Fiscal Year 2024

The council members will discuss the proposed budget allocations for the upcoming fiscal year. They will review the main principles set forth by the Budget Strategy Division.

Budget Expenditure Transfer for Fiscal Year 2023

The council will consider the proposals to transfer budget expenditures for the fiscal year 2023 to set up new items and reserve funds in case of non-binding debt. The Office of the Secretary will be in charge of this matter.

Social Welfare Division Expenditure Transfer

Another agenda item is the approval of the budget expenditure transfer for the fiscal year 2023 to set up new items for the Social Welfare Division.

Government Subsidies for School Lunch Expenses

The council will also discuss the approval of the payment of government subsidies for lunch expenses at schools affiliated with the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC). The Education Office will present the item.

Public Service Minimum Standard Assessment Results

Finally, the meeting will include a summary report of the results of the public service minimum standard assessment for the year 2022.

Attendance and Viewing Options

Individuals interested in attending the Koh Samui Municipality Council meeting should submit a request for permission to the President of the Koh Samui Municipal Council at least one day before the meeting. Alternatively, the public can watch the live broadcast on the Koh Samui Municipality’s Facebook page and listen to the meeting on the Thai Samui Radio Broadcasting Station, FM 96.75 MHz frequency, as scheduled.

For more information, please contact the Secretary of the Municipality Office, Council Affairs Department, at +66 0-7742-1421-2, extension 164.