Koh Samui Municipality Introduces LINE Messaging for News and Information Access

line messaging koh samui municipality

Koh Samui Municipality has recently expanded its communication channels by incorporating the popular LINE messaging app. This move allows citizens to conveniently access important news, information, and updates, as well as various municipality services.

LINE App: A New Way to Connect with the Municipality

Citizens can now download the LINE application on their smartphones and add the “Koh Samui Municipality” as a friend. There are three easy ways to connect with the municipality through the app:

  1. Scan the QR code: Use your smartphone’s camera to scan the provided QR code and get connected instantly.
  2. LINE ID: Add the municipality using the LINE ID @kohsamuicity.
  3. Link: Access the link https://lin.ee/XVr0bof to add the municipality to your LINE contacts list.

Comprehensive Services and Information at Your Fingertips

The Koh Samui Municipality’s LINE account provides users with access to a wide range of services and information. Here are some highlights of what you can expect:

Electronic Services

Through the app, citizens can access various electronic services offered by the municipality, making it easier to complete tasks and transactions digitally.

Tax Collection

Stay updated on tax-related matters, including payment deadlines, collection processes, and relevant updates.

Contacting the Municipality

The LINE messaging app makes it easy for citizens to get in touch with the municipality, ask questions, and submit queries or complaints.

Traffic Updates and CCTV Footage

Users can now view live traffic updates and CCTV footage from key locations across the city. This feature helps citizens plan their commute and avoid congested areas.

User-Friendly Interface

The 8 main menu icons within the LINE app provide easy navigation and quick access to the municipality’s services and information. This user-friendly interface makes it simple for all citizens to stay informed and engaged with the Koh Samui Municipality.

By leveraging the LINE messaging app, Koh Samui Municipality has taken a significant step toward fostering better communication, transparency, and service delivery to its citizens. This innovative approach is expected to benefit both the municipality and its residents in the long run.