Koh Samui’s Council Convenes for Inaugural 2024 Session

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Koh Samui’s Council started 2024 with a bang, recognizing excellence and discussing eco-friendly development. Check out the highlights from the session and see our community leaders in action! 💪🏼🏝 #KohSamui #CommunityLeaders #SustainableDevelopment #TransparentGovernance

On a balmy Wednesday afternoon, community leaders gathered in the heart of Koh Samui for a pivotal municipal council meeting. The Phet Samui meeting room buzzed with anticipation as crucial decisions lay on the horizon.

Opening the New Year’s Agenda

February 21, 2024, marked not just another day on the tropical island but also the commencement of the Koh Samui City Municipality’s first ordinary meeting of the year. Commencing at 1:30 PM, Mr. Thanakom Ruenpanich, the esteemed council chairman, delegated the day’s proceedings to Mr. Jakrin Promkoh. As the vice-chairman took the helm, the air was charged with the weight of responsibility that rested on the shoulders of all 21 council members in attendance.

Recognition of Excellence

A poignant moment unfolded as Mr. Sawet Wichaidit received accolades for his exemplary contributions. His actions painted the picture of a model citizen, one who embodied sufficiency, discipline, honesty, volunteer spirit, and filial piety.

Deliberating Development and Sustainability

Progress was on the agenda, with extensive discussions around a motion that resonated with the eco-conscious ethos of the island. The council reviewed the request to use forest land under a provision dating back to 1941, signaling their commitment to marrying development with environmental stewardship. The proposed wastewater treatment facility in Bo Phut represented more than infrastructure; it was a testament to the council’s foresight in nurturing Koh Samui’s natural beauty.

Financial Foresight and Fairness

Financial discussions ensued, particularly concerning the adjustment of fiscal discrepancies from the previous year. Tax mapping and registry had revealed an overpayment by nine conscientious taxpayers—a matter promptly addressed by the council with the approval of refunds. It was a reaffirmation of the council’s dedication to just and transparent governance.

Moving Forward with Integrity

The session concluded on a note of smooth operation, upholding the standards expected of such a gathering. For those who missed the live deliberations, the event was dutifully recorded and made accessible, providing a window into the governance of this vibrant community.

For a visual journey through the day’s events, photographs have been made available, capturing both the gravity and the camaraderie that colored the proceedings. The community of Koh Samui can take pride in their leaders’ diligence and commitment as they navigate the complexities of sustainable development, fiscal responsibility, and inclusive governance in the year ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions


What was the significance of February 21, 2024, for the Koh Samui City Municipality?

February 21, 2024, was a landmark day for Koh Samui as it marked the opening of the first ordinary meeting of the year for the Koh Samui City Municipality. The session, led by Mr. Jakrin Promkoh under the delegation of council chairman Mr. Thanakom Ruenpanich, was a platform for the 21 council members to embark on the year’s agenda with a deep sense of responsibility and a commitment to sustainable development and transparent governance.

How did the Koh Samui Council recognize community excellence during their meeting?

During the inaugural 2024 session, the Koh Samui Council took a moment to honor Mr. Sawet Wichaidit, who was acknowledged for his commendable contributions to the community. His actions exemplified the virtues of sufficiency, discipline, honesty, volunteerism, and filial piety, painting him as a model citizen and highlighting the council’s appreciation for outstanding civic engagement.

What steps did the council take towards sustainable development and financial integrity?

The council deliberated on a significant motion to utilize forest land for development purposes, emphasizing their dedication to eco-friendly progress, with the discussion of a proposed wastewater treatment facility in Bo Phut standing as a prime example. Moreover, financial foresight and fairness were showcased as the council addressed fiscal discrepancies from the previous year by approving refunds for nine taxpayers who had overpaid, reaffirming their commitment to just and transparent governance.