Koh Sichang: Development and Challenges

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Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Projects

Koh Sichang, a popular island in Chon Buri, has been experiencing ongoing development in various sectors. Recently, the director of the Crown Property Bureau, ACM Satitpong Sukvimol, visited the island alongside other senior officials to follow up on the progress of several projects. Among these are a 3.1-hectare solar farm and additional groundwater facilities.

As part of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) city plan, which is set to be introduced within the next eight months, Koh Sichang aims to improve land utility, infrastructure development, and tourism. Pongrat Piromrat, director-general of the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning, highlighted other priorities such as the transport system, enhanced water and electricity facilities, and the conservation of landmarks.

Regarding alternative energy sources, the 3.1-hectare solar farm currently under construction will provide electricity to 1,600 households on the island. This renewable energy project marks the island’s first step under the Smart City scheme.

Addressing Water Scarcity

The Department of Groundwater Resources has discovered two wells capable of supplying drinking water during the dry season. These wells were established in response to a drinking water shortage that affected over 2,200 households on Koh Sichang earlier this year.

Waste Management Issues

Koh Sichang’s waste management has become a growing concern, as the volume of daily garbage collected reaches 10-15 tonnes, while the local incinerator can only dispose of six tonnes. Suttipong Juljarern, the Interior Ministry’s permanent secretary, suggested that sending the island’s waste to the mainland for processing could alleviate this issue. Chon Buri governor Thawatchai Srithong further added that private-sector investment in incinerators could provide a long-term solution to the island’s waste management challenges.

Moving Forward

As Koh Sichang continues its development journey, officials are working towards enhancing the island’s infrastructure, implementing renewable energy solutions, and addressing critical issues such as water scarcity and waste management. The ongoing progress of these initiatives will shape the future of this popular island destination.